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Maintrack/Anigrand 1/72 McDonnell XF-88B Voodoo


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This is the McDonnell XF-88B Voodoo experimental supersonic turboprop aircraft built using the Maintrack vacuformed nose and fuselage and the Anigrand wings, landing gear and horizontal tail.


Since I also have the Ginter XF-88 book with Lloyd Jones drawing I tried to check the 2 kits for accuracy. What I found is that the Anigrand fuselage is a bit short


It is a little hard to see in this picture but the nose is a bit too rounded on the bottom. It turns out that the Maintrack fuselage is also short


The nose shape is a little better. Interestingly the Maintrack kit contains its own drawing and the fuselage is still too short.



The maintrack kit has parts to build the XF-88, XF-88A and the XF-88B. To do this it includes a separate XF-88B turboprop  nose. My original plan was to graft this nose onto the Anigrand rear fuselage. But when I compared the 2 I found that they were not a good match.


The Anigrand fuselage is much wider and while it is hard to see the lower fuselage (circled area) of the Anigrand kit is squarish while the Maintrack one is rounder. So I went to plan B that was to use the the Maintrack fuselage and the Anigrand wings, landing gear and stabilizer.  




The arrows show where the Maintrack node and main fuselage join. I had as spare cockpit interior and nose gear well in my junk box that fit almost perfectly. The maintrack kit has a vac canopy that I found very easy to cut out and that fit very well. There were still 2 issues. The first is that the Maintrack white metal prop and spinner is notorious for shedding prob blades. In my case 3 of the 4 where broken off and no matter what I tried (pins, super glue, epoxy) I could not get them to stay on. To fix this I cut off the rear of a spare fuel take, cut down some spare prob blades and fabricated a replacement.


The Maintrack one is on the left. 


The other issue is that the Anigrand wheel well are so deep that the upper wing surface is almost paper thin with the main gear mounting hole going clear through. Not difficult to fix but any stress on the main gear will will cause cause cracks to appear the top of the wings. This caused numerous redoes to the build. I also have a bad jar of Alclad aluminum that messed up a few attempts to get a smooth finish before I threw it out and used a new jar.


I was once told that a work of art is never finished, it is given up in frustration. While I make no claim that this build is a work of art it was definitely not as perfect a build as I would have liked and was given up in frustration rather then perfected. But here is is in all its glory.








Next up will be something completely different; a 1/1250 model of the USS Holland AS-32 Submarine tender for a former sailor.



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It's not so much different then a limited run kit. The only real downside is that you have to use either super glue or epoxy and neither is very forgiving placement wise



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