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Dragon 1/35 Sd.Kfz.7/2 3.7cm Flak 37 w/Armor Cab (2in1) #6542


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Dear All

I have just started to build this kit (just finished sections 1 & 2).

I have now just noticed that although there are paint color suggestions, unlike other Dragon kits, there is no final paint scheme or where and which decals to fit either.  I've looked at Scalemates and Dragon's own website, but to no avail. I have built similar Dragon Flak kits before, so unless someone has an actual page showing the paint schemes, will probably go by those (glad I kept the instructions). 

Going by the cover picture and list of suggested paints, it looks as though it's mainly Dark Yellow and Khaki Green for the main body and wheels, (flat black for tyres, steel for engine and tracks(?), etc.).

Think this is the first kit I've ever bought that doesn't have a paint scheme!! 

Thanks in advance.



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Like all German vehicles, there was no "scheme".  These vehicles would have been finished in plain dunkelgelb and painted at unit workshops or by individual crews with the rotbraun and olivegrun as available.  Whitewash overpaint in winter.  It is unlikely that any 2 were the same.

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