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1/48 Bronco MiG-15bis, East German Air Force

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Almost entirely OOB - except for that I bought the wrong version regarding what I intended to build (I bought the early MiG-15 instead of the bis). Luckily, all necessary parts were in the box except for that I had to adjust (re-scribe) the shape of the airbrakes.


I used aftermarket decals from Fliegerrevue - TOM. The insignia is the early NVA one that was used until 1956.


A nice, but pretty basic kit. Cockpit is partly great, partly lacking lots of details. Maybe that is why the clear parts are far from clear, they can easily hide the lacking details when canopy is closed. I polished it and dipped it in Johnsons Pledge, but as you can see on the picture above, it is still rather foggy. Some details are rather crude, the whole kit feels more like an upscaled 1/72. For instance, the nose gear and wheel is just one single part. Shapes are nice, apart from the well-known mistake at the wing root which i did not bother to correct. To me it looks enough like a MiG-15 even with that small error. However, fit is OK (the locating pins/holes must be the largest ever seen on a non-snap-tite aircraft kit) and on the whole this is an easy and relaxing build.

So if you want a correct MiG-15, wait for the Eduard release. If you want an easy way to build one that to most people look like this famous fighter, this one might be a better option than the Trumpeter release.



Thanks for watching!



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I really like that, normally they just look like silver blobs, but you're painting and weathering makes it look very real - great job

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