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Karl's King

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2 hours ago, Model Mate said:

Absolutely beautiful work! I think I’ll take up jigsaw puzzles…. Can’t compete with this!  
Is all that interior now hidden, or can it be exposed? 

Yes at least on the hull... most of the engine deck is removable and the compartment over the driver-co-driver is removable and the turret lifts of (obviously) but the turret only has openable hatches. to be fair 50% of the work i did is just not and never will be visible.... shame but it is what it is...did teach me not to bother with interior kits for myself ...the investment in time, materials, and effort is just not worth it. 

2 hours ago, sardaukar said:

Wow, excellent work.

Thank you bud:thumbsup:

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8 hours ago, Nenad Ilijic said:

Wow, this is soooo amazingly fantastic!!!

Impressive work, can't stop looking at all the details.

13 months well spent :):worthy:





Thanks so much Nenad:thumbsup:

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Hi M3talpig,

Awesome model!!!!, :surprised:

After 13 months on the workbench, the result could not be bad.
Really, it is a model that could be in a museum in its own right, I have seen museum models, and they inexplicably leave a lot to be desired.
It reminds me a lot of my 1/35 KT Henschel, since I based it on another 1/16 model that I saw online.



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Your not fooling me. I know they are pictures of the real thing taken at the factory. 

Just in case there not. Truly outstanding work. I don't know where to start on the standard of everything.

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