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1/72 Fairey Delta 2, DoraWings


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38 minutes ago, dora said:

those who still remember the Frog models...... 😉

.....are pretty chuffed to see this kit see the light of day! 


Looks awesome, bet it'll look great in blue too.


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Remember the Frog model? I still have one. Never worked up the courage. Now I don’t have to. This kit will spend no time at all in the stash. Thanks for all you do, for modellers and for the free world. Glory to Ukraine and Glory to her hero’s.

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I have the Frog model. It’s been waiting for its landing gear to be painted for so long the roundels have yellowed- and they were Modeldecal replacements! I will finish it and get one of these for an accurate model. If any of you are unaware of it, Peter Twiss’s book Faster than the Sun is an excellent read and motivation to build one of these kits. 

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