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WW1 diorama


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You can go on forever but I think I've just about got the the point where I think this diorama is acceptable.  Its been a throughly enjoyable couple of hours per night project over many days during the past six months and I've gradually added various elements as it has gathered momentum.  I thought it might add a bit more dynamism to the diorama with an led backdrop to reflect early morning or evening light and I've drawn in a background scene in pencil to help tie it all together.  I used Woodland Scenics realistic water for the shell craters but even though I sealed the surface before using, it doesn't dry flat and I must have topped it up about four times so far with no appreciable difference.  I appreciate the trench design is more British than German but lets just assume that the Brits are trying to recapture old territory.  Any constructive comments would be much appreciated.  Cheers.









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This is amazing - a very well planned and superbly laid-out diorama, great model and figures with realistic detail, and some atmospheric photography. (I just don't like dead bodies on a model even when it's a war scenery... 😕)

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Fantastic work! 👌 


Lots of detail and mini stories like the two Germans and British soldier at the end of the trench.  The backdrop really adds to the atmosphere too ....👏


Keith 😁 

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