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Nakajima Ki-44-II "Shoki" - Home Defense (Hasegawa 1/72)

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Hi aviation modellers, as I haven't been able to start a project in a while I thought I would share a build from a couple of years ago. This model is built from the Hasegawa 2002 boxing of the Ki-44-II, or Army Type 2 Fighter, and represents an aircraft of the 3rd Chutai, 47th Hiko Sentai based on Narimasu airfield northwest of Tokyo in 1944-45, the same unit that @Toryu depicted in his superlative 1/48 scale build, found here: 


This unit was put into action against the B-29s that wreaked havoc against Tokyo and other Japanese cities on firebombing raids late in the war. Do correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that aircraft assigned to Home Defense can be identified based on the white painted wing and fuselage background for the Hinomaru (meatball) national markings.


Interestingly, according to pacificwrecks.com, the airfield was converted post-war into the "Grant Heights Family Housing Annex" for American military personnel and their dependents, with the airstrip serving as the main street.






















The build presented very few problems and I would recommend the kit to beginners and vets alike.


Happy days,





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Wow, this is a great example of the Shoki, Nick! Very well built and nicely painted. I once deviated from my preferred 1/48 scale and created a Ki-44 in the small scale for my nephew - it's really a dwarfish model.

Thanks for referring my Shoki . The 47th Sentai has always been one of my favourite JAAF fighter groups. It's well documented and quite colourfully painted. You're right: the white bands of the JAAF are home defence markers (however not those used by the IJN!).


Cheers, Michael

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@Toryu I'm glad you liked it! Thank you. I just noticed that on your model, tail #19, that besides the yellow fuselage band to signify a flight leader, it also has a yellow band painted on the spinner. It's definitely visible in the historical lineup photo.


@georgeusa Thank you George. That would be Tamiya AS-12! Relief in a can to a brush painter like myself. :D

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A beautiful and pristine-looking Shoki.




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