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Carro Veloce CV35 1/16 scratchbuild - finished!

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Here’s my latest scratchbuild - it took around 6 months in total which is pretty quick compared to my last one which took a year. It was a blast and I thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish. WIP can be found here….

Carro Veloce CV35 1/16 scratchbuild - Page 7 - Work in Progress - Armour - Britmodeller.com


Built as usual from plastic card, nail caviar rivets and a bunch of plastic tube, rod, wires and so on. The only departure from my normal MO was the 3D printed tracks which are sublime, and thanks to tellell - I really couldn’t have done this without your help Tony, and I think I may owe you something for these - my girlfriend tells me you might have refunded her PayPal transfer. Please let me know if that’s the case and I’ll get a fresh payment to you.

The props are, err, propped in place just for now; they’ll be fixed in place once I get the diorama underway.




































This part of the build is done, but the saga will continue with the figures and diorama, which will appear in due course in the relevant sections here on BM. That said, I’m still plucking up the courage to commit clay to get them started in earnest, so will have a palate cleansing kit or two done in the meantime.


Finally, although this was 1/16 scale, it’s such a little vehicle that it’s only about the size of a “regular” 1/35 tank – here it is with my recent Panzer IV for comparison.



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That is just so good. I like everything about it, including the scratch building, painting , weathering, the crew's gear and, oh, nearly forgot......the half eaten apple. Great work MM.



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I have been following your work with great interest. And here is an absolutely excellent result!

I love models made from scratch.

There are really not enough figures of people to understand how this is a miniature mechanism.

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