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Bugatti racer Special Hobby 1/48th.

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I'm starting a new build. This is the Bugatti racer released the year after, by Special Hobby. I have two boxes of the car, the first will be assembled as it would have appeared in 1939 if the Deutch de la Meurthe race had continued. The second will be assembled in the workshop with the cowling removed.


As usual with Special Hobby, assembling the model is a bit sporty. The parts require quite a bit of cleaning. The small ridge at the top of the gearbox needs to be removed, as this detail is a major flaw in the replica aircraft.

First digital work, the instrument panel is ugly on the one hand, but also fake because it corresponds to its current state in its American museum, it has been furnished a little 'va comme je te pousse'.

A little Fusion 360 modelling:


Design of print supports:




I'm now tackling a big job: representing the two Bugatti type 50 engines in the aircraft. Here are a few images of my work. I'll also be modelling a version on a stand, as I did for my R-985 Wasp Junior.



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