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[Finished] Apache WAH1 "Rose of Lancaster"

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Being currently a lot into Helos, it is almost inevitable that I come across the Boeing AH-64. Also, as it followed the AH-1 in the service of various armed forces and the related tenders around the world, it's only consequent it will follow it on my workbench.


So it will be the Westland build incarnation of the AH-64, and Academy has a nice kit in 1/72 available, and since quite a while, me in my stash.


It's this:




It includes decals for the one Capt. Harry Wales, Prince of Sussex flew at RAF Cosworth Airshow in 2013, and I am tempted to do this. You know, a little bit of glamour on the shelf, not always just blunt plastic in olive drab without any personality, but some glitz of the real world red carpet airfields we so rare get close to.


And here's the chance - what a rare occasion for us in the airplane section...

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Ah, the sweet temptation of glamour...


But then – no! It doesn’t feel right! Let’s keep the yellow press out of our hobby, us modellers are a solemn and earnest breed, depicting in our builds the tools and trade of worlds politics and history, and this serious doing doesn’t allow for a disdainful defamation by the tabloids. Not at all!


I’ve got a better idea. There once was a B17, baptised the Rose of York by the young Elizabeth II, then still Princess Elizabeth, it’s this one;




As I try to be a good husband, I try to involve my wife into my hobby, and there where two issues which made her shiver in instant refusal; the sheer consumption of space of the possible build, and the other – well, this needs a bit of explanation; my wife is kind of a history buff, and in addition, she’s quite a Henry V fangirl, so this just seemed to tick all the wrong boxes. A white rose - away, thou foe!


And, of course, I’ve seen the opportunity for domestic peace by adjusting here some things;

  1. shift to smaller topics, so wave good by to the temptation, you B17 in 1/32 from HK Models.
  2. but, move on here; how about a „Rose Of Lancaster“

So, let's bring Henry V – also known as Harry of Lancaster - into this game. And wasn’t there something about this Harry and the Longbow?


Yes, how apt...


So, I gonna make this a bit of an what-if, and make this the "Rose of Lancaster", a fictional 2015 memorial bird in remembrance of the famous Battle of Agincourt, where Henry V found victory not least because of his superior use of modern weaponry. 

This gives me a chance to try out one thing, which I wanted to do for ages; having printed my own custom decal. I found a company who offers this and I always wanted to give them a try.

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  • Chief Cohiba changed the title to Harry's Longbow (no, the other Harry)

And, here's the initial design of the markings.


Here's the "Rose of Lancaster" nose art:




And here a draft of a 600 years badge:




All of this yet has to be fitted to size, and I don't know if this can be printed so small, but I'm about to give it a try. For the worst I move back to an Longbow without heritage... 😉


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Okay, enough of theoretical dispute, on with the build.


It starts with the cockpit, as one might guess, and as I have this - as usual - it starts with some scraping away of the quite good structure.




Briefly I thought of working on the mere plastic, but I think it is less work, mainly less painting, in using the PE parts.


Here's the parts so far:




Did already a bit of scraping, but the most work will be the main cockpit well, as I have to look what to scrape away and what to keep of the structures.


Requires some concentration - not my strong point. I'm more the clean-it-all-up kind of guy...




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4 minutes ago, Hook said:

allow me to pull up the ol' chair.

Aye, be welcometh, my dear friend in the matter of whirlythings! We just opened up a new cask of the strongest ale, and it seems we might need it...

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Oh, Academy, what hast thou donne ahere?


Started to work on the cockpit tube, and found this strange kind of plastic moulded in, where's the collective to be located - did they really...?




I'm afraid, yes - they did! This strange lump of plastic is meant to be the collective! There are grips and handlebars and some of the finest parts I've seen for some time, and then they have one of the major parts moulded in in this crude manner.


So, this simply, no - this cannot be! It might well be, that this will be almost invinsible once moulded together, but - there has to be done something about this.


This calls for some rougher methods. So I started to scrape here...






And on we go...

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Just a little progress here to report.


The collective on the AH-64 is quite an off shaped thing, which of course (I guess) is ergonomically sublime, but hard to reproduce with limited tools in 1/72. But; it looks nowhere near the thing moulded in here.


So, I go with something like this:



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10 hours ago, bissyboat said:

since the battle of Agincourt. 

I am quite aware of the political insensibility, to baptise a weapon in remembrance of a battle towards another country. So this is strictly what-if, and no other intentions to involve a historical person in one of out builds. 😉


Also I am aware the the collective is quite off, which I corrected yesterday evening when I saw it on the photos (1/72 is so small...).


But when mounted it looks ok, here's the state of the main well so far, painted  with some of the PE installed:




And some other parts:







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Hey I am doing this kit too, the Canopy doesnt open so I am thinking of an in flight Missile Launch diorama but may settle for a Hesco compound.


Its only my second kit as an adult so am learning and expanding but I didnt bother too much with the cockpit but out of interest, where did you get the decals for the cockpit, I am based in Aus but Google didnt come up with much for this model for after market, even the Eduad kit didnt come up searching


Not going to do Harries aircraft on account of his recent behaviors, used to really respect the guy but blood is thicker than water IMO.


I also have the GW Tonka in 1/32 and they wouldnt ship the RAF paint to Aus, had to get 6 pots delivered to the UK and then shipped over here as "art supplies"!

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15 hours ago, billn53 said:

Republic of China Apache

That for shure would be an interesting scheme with those beautiful Kanji Markings on the tail.


15 hours ago, billn53 said:

I’ll tag along if you don’t mind, and will be taking notes!

Sure, to more the merrier! Just don't forgot to add  "Do Not..." on most of your notes! 😉


2 hours ago, SirDrinksalot said:

of an in flight Missile Launch diorama but may settle for a Hesco compound

Sounds interesting, the second one might be the more easier one. Are there some HESCO units available, maybe 3D printed, or would you go scratchbuilding?


2 hours ago, SirDrinksalot said:

my second kit as an adult

One of the first kits I did as an adult, and definitely my fist kit using PE parts, was Hasegawas Apache in 1/48, which definitely is a gem. And; one can open the canopy on this.


2 hours ago, SirDrinksalot said:

where did you get the decals for the cockpit,

It's Eduard's photo etch set for this kit, you get it almost on any street corner round here in Europe, and I ordered it along with the main kit. I might give Ebay a try, that's what I usually use when buying obscure stuff from far away. 


2 hours ago, SirDrinksalot said:

Not going to do Harries aircraft on account of his recent behaviors

That's a point, but usually I try to avoid all that yellow press stuff anyway. So another reason why the Henry V thing is a good alternative for me. 😉

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10 hours ago, SirDrinksalot said:

the front seat is not straight, the glare shield of the front didnt fit well either

From what I've seen on dryfitting, it seems that the fit here is poor on mine as well. So I guess it's not related to anyone's skills, but a more general pitfall of this kit.


I'm not there yet, but will take an extraround in dryfitting before, and do whatever we can make happen in magic to miraculously attach these together. 


Hope your's will go on ok!

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Slowly moving on, but finally all the PE parts in the personnel's booth have been installed, having had trouble - as usual - with the PE belts.




Also I filled the cavity on the Gunners dashboard, to give a better support for the glare shield here. Again, thanks for the hint, @SirDrinksalot (cool name, btw 😉)

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As the next step is painting the remaining cockpit parts in greyish black, I masked the canopy from out- and inside with the Eduard mask set.








Again, no surprise, but a proper work place (with proper lighting) can significantly speed things up. I moved from the modelling workbench with some limitations to my usual home office desk, which reduced time to about 5 minutes for the inside, while it was about 20 on the outer.


A new to me is the Ammo Liquid mask - I hope it works well with Acrylics. There's no warning on the outside, but with the desaster recently on the Mil 17 I'm a bit scared. 


Fingers crossed now...

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2 hours ago, AdrianMF said:

with little offcuts of tape

I thought about it as well and might well do so in consequence, as I might leave the outer masks on for a bit longer. Will not be an issue with the Kabuki tape, but might likely to become one with the liquid mask. Honestly I didn't think too much here, and also wanted to try out the Ammo liquid mask. Not perfectly clever, I must admit... :stupid:

Here's the painted cockpit parts:






The gunners dashboard is definitely an issue - wouldn't have been due to @SirDrinksalot's warning, I might have taken less care. Hopefully I managed to mount it stable enough with some additional work...

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