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Avro 688 Tudor


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A work in progress shot of my recent Avro688 Tudor digital model. It was top be britain's first new airliner after WW2. Was meant to replace former rebuilt surplus bombers, beeing introduced a few years after the war ended. But it never got the status it was meant for. And after of series of accidents and crashes to the type, it license as passenger liner, it was cancelled. One of the crashes killed Avro's chief designer. After it's withdrawal, a few were converted to tankers and transports through the fifties. A shame really as it was a handsome plane anf had fairly good range, well suited for long distance routes.

Star Leopard


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Update for my Avro Tudor images. Now the images has been sent to the publisher, so I'm left with a  load of surplus images. The book will probably be released this year.

This is the Mk2 type

Avro Tudor Mk 2


and the the Mk4

Avro Tudor MkIV Avro Tudor MkIV


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The first one, is the streched mk2 version. Shame it was so ill fated, they were good looking planes.

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Oh what should have been.  Designed at the behest of a committee that hadn’t consulted the customer on which the type was foisted by a disinterested government.  Hamstrung by a “use as much existing kit as possible” policy inflicted on the design team and a string by of changes demanded by the prime customer (shades of the VC-10 fifteen years later) this was an aeroplane facing an uphill struggle from the moment of its conception.  BSAA had faith in the type, but two unexplained disappearances didn’t help its prospects.


I used to love drawing the basic Tudor shape, especially the stretched Mk. II and VII, and re-imagining them with tricycle undercarriages and either turboprops or pure jets in Ashton-style nacelles.  Sadly future developments of the Tudor were never to be.

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