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Well that didn't take long. Less than a month!

To sum up, I had a gluebomb Stap & Droid bought cheap from the bay, and a box of 1/48th Italeri A-10 Warthog bits.

I dismantled the Stap with TET and used the biggest part for the rear of this beastie. Obviously, the front end of the A-10 too.

A previously unseen space going fighter from the Star wars universe. I've still not thought of a name for it or it's home Planet.



Paints are Tamiya extra dark sea grey underneath & Model Master Braun Violet on top. 

There is lots of card and filler here. Panels had been cut out on the fuselage & I had to alter the Stap part.



The pilot is ex spares box. Orange flight suit like the X wings. So probably a rebel. 

Laser cannons are repurposed machine cannons.



I wanted some sort of insignia and came up with a white 20mm square and two blue stripes from a Matchbox Puma.

Intakes, The slim one is ex F-16 tail. The round ones are a 1/32nd Airfix wheel and a jet exhaust from I know not where.



Engines were cobbled together from various bits. Ships guns, Ju88 bomb clamps, copper wire etc.



At the back we have this huge sensor fairing as on many modern Earth fighters.



Playing 'dead ants!' Halves of drop tanks are obvious. As are the landing pads, Space 1999 Eagle. 

They'd retract straight in and seal the hole. I should have made the struts longer. It sits rather close to the ground.

The paint finish came out a bit weird. I used Tamiya rattlecans underneath. The top was brush painted.

The grey was okay but I think the cold got to the matt coat in the garage. It looks kind of worn now. Re-entry damge?



Nose gear. (Obviously). The canards were in the spares box, but I don't know their origin.

I've left most of the A-10 access panels in place and penciled in others.



And the six inch ruler gives a clue to the size of this thing. Oh yes, there's another sensor fairing under the nose.



The mottle was an experiment. Take a white primer rattlecan and a tumble drier scent sheet as a mask. Et Voila!

Similar method to what they used to do on U.S. Custom cars with lace. Some sheets give a more random effect.

It's probably rubbish as camouflage, but I think it gives an 'other worldly'  effect.



And another view. Most of the panel lines and scallops were already on the Stap part. A lot have been filled in.

And that is your lot for another mad build. Thanks for looking and I look forward to your comments.

The WIP is here








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3 hours ago, Head in the clouds. said:

a very novel way of doing a mottle paint scheme, just don't tell the wife.

I really should have said that these sheets were used. Combined with the airbrush, it could be said that I was three sheets to the wind. Ahem.

Many thanks for the likes and comments Chaps. All very much appreciated.

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