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1:25 Revell Porsche 914-6

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A while back I bought this Revell kit of the Porsche 914-6




Now this is a bit out of my comfort zone... hmmm wasn't there a GB about that recently? However there is method in my madness as this car appears in ab episode of UFO, one of my favourite Gerry Anderson productions. In fact it is the car driven by the character played by Deborah Grant in the epiosde Psychobombs. You can see it here in a still from the episode and in a typical 1960s publicity shot






To be brutally honest, this isn't one of my best pieces of work. I struggled with the kit, I think its quite old and has a LOT of flash and fit issues. I think I've got the colour too red but to be honest I just wanted to get it done and out of the way. It will not be gracing any exhibition tables, but I wanted to put it here so there is a permanent record of it somewhere :D










Now that is out of the way I can get on with something more enjoyable :D





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I'm watching one of these on the bay at the moment. If it's not such a nice kit I don't think I'll bother. Thanks for the warning.

I remember the UFO episode. Looks like you've made a good job from a Sows ear. An unusual subject for you. I'll stick to muscle cars then!

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To be fair, if you look at the box you can see that the box art car shows fitting issues too (just look at the rear wheel) so I'd say you're being far too harsh on yourself as that suggests it's not an easy kit to build well. Even if you're not happy with how it turned out, you should still take solace from ending up with a good looking end result from what is obviously a difficult kit.

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