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1/72 Arma Hobby Hurricane IIc

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What seems like eons ago, I completed a kit - a Mistercraft Albatros, during August. I was left with an empty space in front of me. I thought what's new, likely to be a decent fitting kit, that I can exorcise the prolems I had with the Mistercraft Albatros (and the Mistercraft Sopwith Camel before that)?


I went to the stash, my hand reached out, and picked the new-ish Arma Hobby 1.72 Hurricane IIb/c.


I thought - yes! This is likely to actually fit in all those important areas! It comes with Etch and masks! And I'd bought a Yahu seat and seatbelt set. And Master cannon barrels. This can't go wrong, surely?


Painting started the kit, on the sprues. That went well.


Then I put the wheel well together, and dry fitted it to the wings.


Result - the wheel well parts were too big for the wings to fit together.. I had to cut some of the wheel well walls off, and sand the rest to within an inch of its life to get the wings to fit.


Then dry fitting the wings to the fuselage; that didn't fit too well, either. The rest of the kit has gone together nicely, but that darn wheel well/wings/fuselage fit - plenty of sanding and filler needed.


Oh well, it's over now, painting went well, tamiya and humbrol rattle cans for the medium sky grey and dark earth/dark green.


I chose the pacific area livery as I hadn't done one before. The livery is a Hurricane IIc, from 34 Squadron SEAC Dergaeon, in Spring 1944.


This was actually a most extraordinary Hurricane; the only 5 cannon Hurricane in existence.


Okay, it's a 5 cannon hurricane because one of the master gun barrels went into the hole I'd prepared in the wing and carried on into the wing itself. So every time I pick it up, the kit rattles. I ended up buying another set of master gun barrels to finish the kit with a fourth barrel!  


Decals went on fine, but given I'd been on this model for 3 months I decided to give the stencils a miss.


Will I try another arma hobby kit? Yes, now that I know there could be fit problems, so I'll be on guard, so to speak.


Here are the photos, you will be able to judge for yourselves how bad a job I did, or conversely, how well I overcame difficulties !!


SAM_3658 SAM_3657 SAM_3656 SAM_3655 SAM_3652


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I recently received 3 of these Hurricanes from Arma and am glad you detailed the problems you had with the build.  Now I am on notice.  This is one of the nice aspects about this site, the sharing of difficulties with building kits and how to get around it.   Well, you certainly figured out how best to build and finish this kit as the Hurricane looks great.  I do have a question, in looking at the photos, did you have some problems with the canopy sitting properly on the frame?  Thanks for sharing the completed kit and the information about the fit of the wings/fuselage/wheel wells.

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@georgeusa, I’d say plenty of checking the fit of the wheel wells parts in the wings is essential.

It was only that area and then fitting the fuselage onto the wings where I had some difficulty.


As for the canopy, I may well have have mucked up fitting it properly - that would be operator error, nothing to do with the kit!


I’m sure you’ll have a great result from your 3 kits, I’ll look out for the builds!




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