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New & re-issued Freightdog and Combat Kits items at Scale Modelworld 2023

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Good evening,


A quick note to say what I have new,  and re-released this weekend, all in 1/72 scale


New items


British Testing Colours decal sheet - £14.00

DH Mosquito PR.34A conversion - £16.50 

Folland Gnat T.1 prototype conversion - £4.00

BAC TSR.2 trainer conversion - £10.50

SRAAM missiles set - £4.50




HP Halifax B.II improvement set - £18.00
HP Halifax B.II Srs 1a improvement set - £19.00

TSR.2 Interceptor conversion - £14.50

Hawker P.1109A conversion - £9.50


As usual I'm sharing the stand with Dave Little of Combat Kits, he has restocked RC-135W Airseeker conversions, Belfast and Beverley complete resin kits, and also has a new boxing of the QinetiC 146-100/RJ70.


Dave has a re-print of his British Test & Development Aircraft decal sheet, which has been unavailable for a few years.


Lastly we will have a test build of the Westland Wasp complete resin kit on display, this will be released early next year under the ROTORCraft brand.


Hope to see some of you at Telford, we are in Hall 2, opposite the Hannants stand.





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Hi Colin, I missed the Prototype Gnat conv when I came by on the Sunday - too dazzled by the Wasp. Though I already did one with the MB kit a few years ago I've always wanted to do another probably silver with yellow trainer stripes ( not the sea green one! ).









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