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Bertie McBoatface

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13 minutes ago, Alan P said:

I think an Action! GB would be a fun idea ... any subject as long as it's in a dynamic, action-packed pose or setting, rather than just sitting on the tarmac looking dull.


Thats quite a good idea, we need more ‘action’ models, not that I’ve built any however have thought about it often. 

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A few more to throw into the pot:


Bi-curious: Biplane GB, particularly aimed at encouraging novices who have been toying with turning to the dark side, perhaps had their head turned by the new Airfix Bulldog. 


We're Jammin': Electronic warfare GB. Bring out your Wild Weasels, Prowlers, Growlers, Ravens etc.


We Built This City: Buildings GB. Houses, sheds, shops, hangars, garages, control towers, huts ... lighthouses etc.

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Like the first two, me being me I’d go for multi wings to bring in triplanes and quads. The action one could be good as it’d encourage a few mini dioramas. I’m thinking jets taking off with RATO and a flame trail or seascapes with plenty of spray.

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Won't Get Tooled Again - the obscure subjects that were kitted a long time ago and are unlikely to be revisited by any of the major players. I know there are a lot of parameters, criteria and small print to nail down, but I'm just the ideas man :whistle:

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