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From Morocco to Messina 11/1942-8/1943


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:yahoo:Another GB proposal year has just started, and my table is, no it was empty :yahoo:


From the Mediterranean Theater of Operations, in short MTO, again comes a group build proposal concentrating in one of the hottest and most variety packed periods in warfare. From late autumn of 1942, when the Operation Torch was launched, until late summer of 1943, when Operation Husky was completed, the ever increasing might of the Allied was still met by determined and stiff resistance of the Axis. Following their trail from the shores of the Atlantic and the Western Desert of Libya, through Tunisia this campaign raged until all of Sicily was captured. The battle raged on the seas, on the ground and in the air. Never before, and never after, this period was there so many types of aircraft and armour facing each other. One could say this was the last real attempt of the Luftwaffe Kampfgeschwadern to strike in the west. The mighty Tiger 🐅  tank appeared in Tunisia. Various ships delivered artillery and air support to troops fighting on the ground. Also...


Eh, that list could be endless. In my opinion there's no need to pinpoint the theme to the map of the ground campaign and invasions, but have anything from the MTO during that period, as we know that everything affects something, somehow. Would You be interested to write your own chapter of it in 2025?


P.S. Before you ask, Vichy is included

  1. vppelt68 (host)
  2. Corsairfoxfouruncle
  3. stevehnz
  5. franky boy
  6. Grandboof
  7. ModelingEdmontonian
  8. John Masters
  9. 2996 Victor
  10. Toryu
  11. Marklo
  12. Rafwaffe
  13. modelling minion
  14. MRMRL
  15. Keeff
  16. Armor Novice
  17. JackG
  18. sampanzer
  19. Richard Humm
  20. 48-Alone-Is-Great
  21. jean
  22. Wez
  23. IanC
  24. ...
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Excellent idea VP.


I’m just in the middle of James Holland book Sicily 43 about Husky so this one definitely tickles my fancy so please add me to the list. 




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  • vppelt68 changed the title to From Morocco to Messina 11/1942-8/1943

I'd be up for this one as well, got some ships that should quality along with some armour and aircraft, lots to choose from in other words 😉

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I'm interested in this one.  Nothing in the sole box of kits, but I'm sure I could 'acquire' something! 🤔


Keith 😁 

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On 06/02/2024 at 09:27, vppelt68 said:

Variety? Nah... Add the Allied naval and the Vichy aircraft from Torch, and then you have real variety :wink:




Brilliant piece of inspiration V-P


Any up for an Me 323, with cargo ?


Go on you know you want to :wicked:

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On 04/06/2024 at 22:27, Richard Humm said:

Operation Pedestal Hurricane


Me too! Gotta build one someday. Unfortunately Op. Pedestal took place three months before Op. Torch :hmmm:. I'm seriously considering if I should edit the proposal as "From El Alamein to Messina 7/43-8/44". Just thinking of all those Ju 88 Kampfgeschwadern and Aufklärungsgruppen that participated in the shipbusting... yet let the prize item (S/S Ohio) slip through! How'd you all like it? V-P

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12 hours ago, Richard Humm said:

If Pedestal is too early, I could go for a B-25 operating in the Mediterrean - Catch-22 is one of my favourite books.


MTO B-25:s are indeed very cool subjects! I'm afraid "Catch 22" takes place too late for the GB timeline, but luckily there are plenty of eligible B-25 subjects left from the time before Patton reached Messina 🙂 . V-P

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