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Cleaning Iwata Eclipse Nozzle


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The nozzle of my Iwata airbrush has become clogged with dry paint, which has built up over time and has caused sputtering.

I immersed the entire nozzle in enamel thinner for a while and this helped get some of it out, but there's still quite a bit of gunk there.


I'm now wondering whether immersing it in Tamiya airbrush cleaner for a few hours would damage it in any way.

The Eclipse nozzle seems to be very durable in comparison with that of a cheaper Iwata airbrush I had previously, but I'm still a bit hesitant.


Any answers appreciated.

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What paint do you use? The IPA may help if acrylic paint or try a lacquer thinner like Mr Color Levelling thinner. Better on shifting dried paint, particularly paint like Tamiya etc.



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Thanks for the replies.


I use enamels only, so it seems the IPA wouldn't be compatible.

The airbrush cleaner is what I have to hand, so I'm just wondering whether soaking the nozzle assembly in that would produce any ill-effects. I'm pretty sure it would do a good job of cleaning it.

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It did. I soaked it for a few hours and cleaned out the inside with a toothpick, removing several big flakes of dried paint. It's running like new now, wish I'd done it much earlier. Cheers.

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