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Change of direction, back to my GWR roots

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It's some time since I've been active here. Interests and priorities change; and I have found dexterity to be a problem due to damage to my fingertips.
I haven't moved away from modelling though, and the rise of the resin 3D printer has provided new opportunities.

I've never lived more than a mile away from a Great Western Railway line, and I dabbled with finescale railway modelling many years ago. I've no desire (or space) nowadays to build a layout, but individual subjects hold a great appeal to me. I always felt drawn to the more archaic GWR locomotives which survived into the 1950s, particularly the Dukes, Bulldogs and Earls (Dukedogs). The latter is now available RTR, the others aren't.
Enter the 3D printer, donor models courtesy of Bachmann, and self taught CAD skills in Autocad and Fusion 360.



One of many Bachmann Earls that I've acquired over the past few years, surrounded by various printed bodyshells for different Duke variants.





A newly printed shell, this one will be 9084 Isle of Jersey




9083 Comet, my first built-up prototype, but I've since made improvements to the design.



I'm quite happy with the level of cab detail reproduced as a one-piece print.



This is the bit that still blows my mind, making a boiler band cleat like this by traditional methods, I honestly don't think I could get close.




I have some Bulldogs on the go as well, though this one's from some time back and was just a stepping stone in getting everything to fit. The printed handrails weren't such a great idea...


All work in progress, I hope to have a few finished models shortly.




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Great to see a familiar name from the past reappear.


Great work on the 3D printing: some excellent results.  I had a model railway, well, train set, long before I started building kits and every now and again still feel the draw, though my ambitions go no further than superdetailing the old Airfix kits with all the wonderful accessories available nowadays.

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