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A-10 with a Stap garnish

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Long long ago, in a Universe far far away (Actually 12 miles North of Lincoln) another Star Wars ship is being created.

Some time ago I gathered together unused parts from scrap Italeri and a Revell 1/48th A-10 Thunderbolts.

Then recently I got hold of a gluebomb Star Wars Stap and Droid from the bay.


I used witchcraft and TET to dismantle the Stap (The Droid is for another time) sat down and had a good long ponder.


You probably know what an A-10 looks like. So here are the Stap bits that I'm mostly not going to use here.



This is a link to a Scalemates picture of the Stap boxtop. The main part I'm using holds the guns.



The part of the Stap that matters and part of the pre-butchered Aircraft. The previous owner had cut out various panels.

It really is a patchwork job and card and filler will be used Profusely to make something decent (Hah!) from the wreckage.



And here's a rough idea of where I'm heading. The ex Airfix 1/32nd scale car wheel in the foreground is next up.



The wheel on the right has been chopped about and is snuggled up to a P-38 Lightning bit.



And should sit something like this. An intake will be mated to the front of this assembly.



And we should get something like this. There are various other bits to be added, obviously. But this is your basic interceptor.

Next I need to get the cockpit sorted and the fuselage paneled up before joining the two main parts together.

Thanks for looking, There may be another post at the weekend. Until then, stay safe & party on, Dudes!



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Oooh! More Sci-fi witchcraft....😄. I certainly feel that the box of bits will find it's way into future builds, there is a lot of it.


Really Pete, never took you for being a guy to rub salt into a wound, could you please remove the mug in the background of your last pic...retirement indeed, 8 more to go for me...😉

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Time for a small update.

I've been cutting and sanding like a mad thing, so I have some pictures to show.



Here we have the Italeri cockpit section in place. Behind it I've built what looks like a bomb bay but it's mostly there to add strength.

Under it there is a big gap. Presumably that's where the gun went. I don't have those parts though. Hence the structure.

The landing gear will go around here so more structure will need to go in.



And this bit didn't escape the razor saw either. it's shorter * a bit lower so that it will fit into the fuselage and up to the the 'bomb bay' structure.

And I've rearranged how these engine intake rings will fit & here we have one taped into position.



And here's the result so far. The Italeri canopy fits okay and I've found a seat and pilot.

I've also spent time underneath the Stap section. More of that needs to be done and then I can sort out some landing gear.

After that it's cockpit and then maybe, the fuselage can be buttoned up and attacked with filler. 

Thanks for looking. Comments etc are cheap and welcome. Cheers, Pete



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Many thanks for the likes, Guys. It's good to see that my labour isn't wasted. 

I'd better do another update to keep you all entertained then..


For some reason i had these three Space 1999 Eagle feet in the bits box. Might as well use them eh? I drilled out the spigots and fitted longer legs.

I could do with more of these feet. I wonder if anyone prints them.



So here we are mocked up and off the ground. The idea is that these will retract straight up and lie flush with the belly.



Gear bays. These holes are big enough for the upper structure on the feet to fit. It works. I had a play. :winkgrin:



On the top surface the panel lines are very deep. Probably because this was a large scale model.

So I've filled some with stretched sprue. Some I'll keep and I've scribed a couple more.

I also filled in some of the raised stripes in the centre. More on that later.

See where that plastic bit is pointing? I've paneled in the arch. I have an idea it might be better when the exhausts are fitted.



Nose gear bay. I couldn't help myself and added greeblies. On the right is a Panther exhaust! This view is looking aft BTW.



The forward fuselage got buttoned up. Previously repaired panels are seen here with added filler and rubbed down smooth.

I've also started to panel in all the holes underneath it. It's now a nice tight fit to the rear bit section.

Next I'll finish off the belly before I glue the two halves together and then move on to the intakes.

Thanks for looking. Have a good weekend, and don't forget to go WHEEEE at the fireworks!




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I don't often fall into the SciFi area but when I do, you're generally up to something interesting, Pete.  I've no idea what a Stap is when it's at home, or away for that matter, but it looks to be organically growing over the A10 in a nicely fashioned mish-mashery.



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6 minutes ago, hendie said:

I've no idea what a Stap is when it's at home

Part of a Star Wars Kit as seen in this pic from Scalemates. I'm using the upper part that holds the guns. I tend to forget that not everyone knows this stuff!



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Time for another update from the Bonkersland Spacecraft factory. , You lucky people!



The nose profile has changed a bit. That, of course, is the nose of a P-38. Got to put weapons somewhere!



And under the nose, a carbuncle of a sensor fairing. 



And now the intakes are fitted. It's taken card, P-38 car filler and Humbrol filler to fair them in and get to this stage.

Wet sanding that lot has taken it's toll on time. With the cold weather, getting it dry for the next layer is the problem.

I think the brown intake was an Italeri F-16 extended tail fairing? If so, it's been waiting for this moment for nigh on 30 years!

On the right, a sensor fairing has been grafted on. 



And from another angle, more filler. Exciting stuff, eh?

It's all been rubbed down now and is drying out, here in the living room. All hail the log burner!



At the back it's gained this lovely blue tail. An idea stolen from various fighters. More sensors within it, no doubt.

So the pilot should have a good idea about what's going on around him.

I've also been messing about with his seat. Nothing fancy though, so don't get too excited.

More pictures on that and other nonsense next time. Thanks, as always, for taking the time to look. Take care, Pete

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How about a cheeky Tuesday update?



Primer with added canards. I can't remember where they came from, but I felt it was crying out for them. 

The primer was to show up any bits that might need a touch up (ooer).

When that was dry I thought I'd try something I'd seen in an Aircraft build. Take a tumbledryer sheet & spray through it.



In this case I used white primer and got this sort of shabby effect. I quite like it. 

Some of it has now gone after a bit of rubbing down and filling took place (ooer, again). Considering the amount of filler used it wasn't too bad..



The engine bays got greebled, not that you can see a lot in there once the engines are fitted, but hey..

And the engines got some time spent on them. The orange disks fit down inside the engine and can be seen through the bits on the left.



Something like this. That's a 1/72 tank gun poking out in the middle. The copper stuff is Aircraft 'tell tale' wire wound around the engine.

The bits with two sprongs are small scale ship anti Aircraft guns, and the crabby looking bits are Airfix JU88 bomb clamps.

It's all nonsense of course, but goes together into something that looks like it could be an engine built long long ago, and far far away.

As always, Many thanks for looking. Please leave comments on the small table in the hall as you depart. Seat belts on, doors to manual.

Cheers, Pete


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4 hours ago, Pete in Lincs said:

That's a 1/72 tank gun poking out in the middle.

Of course it is. I'd expect nothing less on one of your builds Pete as -

4 hours ago, Pete in Lincs said:

The bits with two sprongs are small scale ship anti Aircraft guns, and the crabby looking bits are Airfix JU88 bomb clamps.

Now that I wasn't expecting...


Lovely mad fantastical elaborations Pete, great to see.

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