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Chechen War T-72A


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I have a strange idea to combine some original (pre-ERA) version of the T-72 ("Ural" or A) and Russian combat use in one model. It looks like the only option will be the T-72A from the First Chechen War. Apparently, in December 1994, the 131st "Kutuzov" Separate Motorized Brigade stormed Grozny with such ancient T-72As without ERA bricks. I saw photos of tanks with numbers 315, 330, 523 and 525 - all in plain olive green, some with white stripes criss crossing the turret, others without stripes but with a Russian flag on the turret sides. Were none of the brigade's tanks really in three-colour camouflage? Has anyone seen a photo like this?



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While I would never say never as there were plenty of camouflaged vehicles in Chechnya, never seen a camouflaged T 72. one thing to note is that Russian T 72s carry a mixture of early and late features, such as Nadboi cladding to the turret and late pattern front track guards, and 3 turret bins, with the third replacing the snorkel and that moves to the rear.

Chechen Tanks also are a mixture, but definitely have more early ones and also more colourful is you count the white turrets.

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