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At the last, pre Covid Southwell model meet I met a very nice man who'd built some large Space 1999 Eagles. 

We got talking, as you do, turns out he had some unwanted, part started kreiger stuff. A price was agreed and later a box arrived.

Two boxes inside it. In the boxes were sprues, some parts off sprues plus some spare kreiger bits and bobs. Scale is 1/20th.


Two Armoured Fighting Suits (AFS) Heinrich and Gustav. There are many types of AFS. Some even operate in Space or on the Moon.

Maschinen Kreiger started as a comic book years ago based on designs made up from bits of model kits and depicts a war

800 odd years in the future. Search Kow Yokohama for more.


I've had a sort through the boxes from time to time & finally gotten around to giving them some lurve.



Boxes. Boring, but full of Kreiger goodness and fun. Is this an arm I see before me?

BTW, the names refer to the machines. Not the operators. 



Exhibit A to Z. Gustav in the foreground. Just to show you what's in these things. Legs, arms and half a bloke.

The two bigger parts are the main body, Pre kreiger use they were the fuselage of a Hughes 500 Helicopter.

The yellow is highlighter pen applied straight to the plastic. It dried okay and will do for a primered interior.



Here we have the Gustav. The body assembled by me and repaired as it wasn't in the best of health. Thin bits had cracked.

The giant shoulder pads on the bloke are part of the machine, holding him in place.

Your arms would fit under these and into the machine arms with controls in there. Your legs into the machines legs.

Fit is generally click and play, so TET is the go to adhesive.



Hey! The Guys are in town. Heinrich on the left has a very '70's moustache. Fine pair of goggles, Gustav.

Gustav jocky also sports a chest Camera/Mic' made from a 1/76th tank flash suppressor. Greeblies rule, Dudes.



The Heinrich cockpit, Snug eh? The upper half was repaired using black plastic card. The plastic was very thin indeed.

The white card on the front is there to hide the joint and the horizontal bit is to add depth, 

I added bits of coloured wire in the cockpit to brighten it up. But you won't see a lot when it's finished.



Some joints have shields. These are hip shields. On the right, top, as supplied. Non flexible attachment points.

Cut them off and replace with guitar wires. Hey presto, springs! Bottom right, for want of a better word, crutch shield.



On the left is what passes for an engine on these things. Think hydraulics and a Vespa engine. Yeah...

On the right, what was the Hughes windscreen is now the cockpit access. I've added the white card to look like a field mod.

It's for extra protection. The 'grille' was (I think) ship railing. I also used Meng nuts & bolts. The loop for lifting it open.



And then paint happened. Tamiya acrylics. I mixed up shades of rust (A common thing with kreiger) and slapped

it onto places where wear would occur. Then some shades of desert camouflage were thinned and applied.

Only to be dabbed at with a bit of kitchen towel a minute or so later. before it dried.

This gave a great mottled, well worn effect. A spur of the moment idea that worked.

The engine parts in the foreground attach to the machines back, BTW.

The screen is tinted. You can't see a lot through it.  I polished it with a type of T Cut. 

And that's yer lot for the moment. Thank you for looking, Comments are, as always, very welcome.

Cheers, Pete










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Oh cool, a bit of ma.k! Will enjoy watching this, I especially like the Gustav suit design.


I've even bought myself a Hughes 500 helicopter with a view to scratching my version of a heinrich in a couple of projects time, so I'll be keeping an eye on the details!

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To explain. For some weird reason I didn't realize that I'd started this one in the RFI section. So my thanks to the MODs for moving it. It's cold in the naughty corner!


To continue, 

The Heinrich is finished but for the decals and maybe the odd touch up (ooer!).

So, the Gustav was removed from the box and I seem to be hurtling through the build. Or rather, Paint is about finished and the build (proper) should start soon.



The bit on the right that looks like the back seat from a coach fits behind the jockey,

The bit with the gun moulded into it fits behind that. It would never be seen again.

So it will go into the parts bin and will be replaced by the black card seen here.

The fan and housing is the backpack on this suit. The fan may be ex Fw 190?



I did a dry fit, and the chap with the goggles is too big for this suit. His goggles almost touch the screen. So he'll be replaced by Mr Head onna stick.



The left arm terminates in a weapon of some sort. Either very large calibre or an energy weapon.

The large part seen here is a hood affair that forms the top and rear, 

Camouflage is a combination of various Tamiya shades. The dots are from a brown sharpie pen. 

I think I'm fairly close to late WW2 German tank comouflage? It is a fairly major part of the Kreiger ethic.

I do seem to be drawn towards desert camo on these Kreiger builds. Not sure why, but for me it just fits.



Mr Head onna stick got painted. The matt on his face shined up nicely with a polish using kitchen towel.

The semi circular part is a protection plate for the (ahem) rear end. The two on the left are frontal armour.



The legs were given a bit more paint and weathering after this picture was taken. They still need joint shields to be fitted.



The main body parts. On the front one tank like casting information can just be made out.

Again these are Hughes 500 sourced parts, but slightly modified in this case.

I've done more since I took the pictures. Detail stuff mostly, and I've added greeblies too. I seem to be unable to help myself!

I hope to start assembly this coming week. Thanks for looking, and comments etc are, as always, very welcome. Cheers, Pete


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Well, I did say assembly would start this week.

It's actually close to finishing! I kind of got carried away. Or, the Devil made me do it. You decide...

So without further wassnames, pictures..



For assembly of this model, you will require, three hands and a small trained octopus. The two main body parts trap other parts in place as it is closed up.

Said other parts don't seem to understand this, and succumb to the force of gravity at inconvenient moments.

I persevered however and we got there in the end via trickery and swearing in three languages.

Quite why this Guy would need to wear his hat in this thing I have no idea.

The Gustav sign was part of one of the sprues.



Another view. Note that the window this side is missing. It wasn't. What you see is Clearfix failure. Sigh. We'll see if PVA works.

The windows should have a bar across them. The location area is so small that they both had Tamiya glue failure. Sigh.

In the end I drilled holes and made new bars from wire,

The chest piece looks odd. Not sure what it's for. But the cut out is for a light inside there.



At the back. I think the grille will end up Panzer grey or similar. You'll have to take my word that the red fan is in there.

I added a couple of greeblies on either side. It seems that I can't help myself!

The part with the dark brown bits, and on the left the semi circular tank or whatever it is.

The metallic bit in the centre is an exhaust. It may yet become rusty brown.

The two new window bars are at left.



And on top I added an antenna. It was possibly a B-25 cheek gun at some point in it's life.

I hope you've seen something worth looking at here. Next update will probably be over the weekend.

Have a good one. Pete




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Thank you for posting that. The price is about 25 British pounds. Not so bad. Those are beautifully built examples.


This build is finished. Please jump to the RFI using this link. Thanks




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