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MiG-25 PU, Iraqi Air force ********* Finished **********

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All the stencils that I wanted to apply have been. There were some other photos taken, but for some unknown reason my camera will not download them to my computer. I did not apply any stencils to the underneath as 1, they would not be seen and 2, when I removed a lot of them from the backing sheet the placement No came with them and I could not be bothered with the hassle of remving them. Matt varnish being applied as we speak.





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The first few photos show the progress of when I wa unable to upload all the photos that I had taken. Sorry about that but it still shows what I had done.


Anyhow almost there, with just a few parts to be fitted. Thanks to @Enzo the Magnificent for the extension that we have I do not have to had to rush this one over this weekend. It is mainy the canopes and the probes that now are needed to be fitted.













Current Progress.








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  • Jabba changed the title to MiG-25 PU, Iraqi Air force ********* Finished **********

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