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Which glues??


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Hi everybody,


I have just retired and have decided to start modelling again. As it is a few years since my last build I am surprised by all the different types of glues/CA adhesives there are. As I am going to build mainly British WWII planes, I would be grateful for any help on which glue to use on cockpit transparencies to avoid clouding etc. Any info would be appreciated.  


Many thanks


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Rule of thumb - you don't use CA for transparencies. Thick, clean PVA is the best option IMO. Works for all kind of transparencies - styrene, vacformed PETG, resin, water dissolvable, i.e. excess can be removed with wet earbud without a trace, Future/Klear friendly, transparent when cured. 
As to CAs - I use Sylmasta. More pricey than CA you could find in off-licence on the corner but more predictable. Three viscosity set (thick, medium, thin) covers pretty much all my needs, costs about 20£ online.


I use pure MEK for styrene, behaves pretty much as Tamiya Super Thin Cement for a fraction of the price. 



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For cockpit transparencies definitely a white or pva is the best as it cures slowly so you have time to adjust positioning and it dries clear. Any excess can be removed with a damp cotton bud / brush / finger.


Something like this:



I use a large bottle of 'craft glue' (also pva) that my youngest daughter left behind and used for sticking paper etc. She left home a decade ago - it lasts - if there's a decent top to stop it drying out.


all the best


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For clear parts, especially canopies I`m using Humbrol Clearfix:


It`s somewhat thicker than other PVA glues I`ve tried for this and requires a bit of care when aplying so as not to add too much, but it makes for a strong bond. You can easily hold the model by the canopy and it won`t detach. The other thing to be careful about when using it is that it tends to leave a sort of threads when you take it off the bottle, sorta like melted cheese. If you`re using a cocktail stick or toothpick you need to roll it at bit to make sure no threads get to places where you don`t want them to.

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