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HMS Abelia K184 - Flower Class Corvette 1/350 - Black Cat Models


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As you may see from a few likes appearing on this build this morning, I am later than ever catching up with this superb build Rob. The RFI actually led me here, and it's been very worthwhile catching up on your modelling techniques and amazing paint/finishing work.


Your 2023 builds all look splendid, and you continue to be an inspiration to me for sure, and many others on here I'm sure.


On 11/2/2023 at 10:40 PM, Courageous said:

Will have to chain you to your model bench...6 weeks!


Nah ............. that's nothing Stuart, I can top that with knobs on! :rofl2:



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17 hours ago, robgizlu said:

So with the RFI up, it's time to close this thread...



Final details were added - it's an extremely detailed kit.  The only non-BCM additions besides the 271 housing and lantern were the Flotanets that seemed to have been ubiquitous on early war vessels.

I determined to build a merchant marine raft that corvettes often carried - Alisma has one if you look carefully.  Mine sits on the rear port Carley float platform and it turned out better than I hoped, witht the lifelines adding to it's being.





Jan 07 2024_6028


The figures were added most coming from the "Winter" RN BCM set, with duffel coats etc.

These are the paints I used and this pic is here as an aide memoire as much as anything (.........I'm 62 you know.......:doh:).  I always thin Vallejo with De-ionised water - dip a cocktail into Tamiya Flat and then stir the mix with that stick, the  Tamiya flat giviing a (Surprise :penguin:) Flat matte appearance..,


Jan 11 2024_6026


So here's the close down Summary:


Black Cat Models HMCS Agassiz 1/350 Short Foc'sle Flower Class Corvette:

What a lovely detailed model - an absolute joy to assemble.  It was obviously modified to represent HMS Abelia as per the Blog above.  I have 2 reflections - the first that there are no plate lines on the hull that curiously the Mirage Hobby offering does rather well.  Though there is a school of thought that says at this scale they are over-represented on the Mirage kit.  The second is that the 271 BCM lantern housing seems small to scale.  Now this is where things get complicated as Lambert gives several drawings with attached scales in his Flower class Shipcraft book and they don't exactly agree in size.  Ben has chosen one, Simon from MM, the other and so both are dimensionally accurate according to the different drawings but the BCM just seems under-scale.  it's possible that real sizes differed????? 

The overall joy is in the level of detail in all of the parts you receive - not the least of which are the spectacular winches and minesweeping gear.  The supplied etch sheet is very well done with slightly finer railings than we are used to.  I also LOVE the fact that BCM supply spares both in etch terms and amidst the miriad of smaller 3D pieces (they jump you know!).  Masts from Master are likewise supplied and together with the decals - this is a complete kit, rigging being the only thing you need to add.  I believe Ben is considering adding deck masks - we are getting spolit.  It really is the most detailed OOB kit that I've built.

Figures were also by BCM and marvellous they are too

Highly recommended



Those who've followed my previous builds should know my methods well by now - Chris Flodberg is a God and Liquitex gloss Medium is your special friend.  The embossed plastic card that I used here (Thank you Alan Blythe:thumbsup:) tunred out really well and gives a very acceptable sculpted sea state.  I'll be using it again.  The "foam" is AF water foam and i find myself using cotton wool less and less.


Paints and Weathering 

Oh - you know by now - My Duff does exceedingly good colours:clap2:  It was a minor surprise just how light Western Approaches Blue is/was.  It appears darker in the wartime photos due to the Orthographic film so commonly used.

Weathering was with my favourite oils and a single filter wash with Mig Acrylic grey.  I used liquid mask to "lift" hull paint which was only a partial success and I probably won't use this method again.

Name plate was by Name It but you already knew that.


Final addendum :  I submitted the model pics to the FB Flower Class Association site which is a great reference and I'm indebted to Robert Scott for posting a picture of Abelia in an Iceland harbour.  This is only the second picture I've been able to find and rather marvellous it is.  




I got more or less everything right in my kit conversion but if anything she is dirtier in reality than I've portrayed


Jan 11 2024_6095


And here's a couple of the Sisters...


Jan 11 2024_6093


Jan 11 2024_6094


Thanks for support, likes and being excellent company.



Very nice work Rob. It's clear you've mastered the art of depicting corvettes! 

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21 hours ago, JohnWS said:

Thanks for providing the model detail summary Rob.   As aways, your summaries provide new (for me) information regarding building tips and techniques.


Speaking of blue duffel coats in winter, reminded me of a photo of my Dad standing dockside next to an RCN corvette. :coolio:





That's a splendid photo John,


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On 21/12/2023 at 10:46, robgizlu said:

[Silkspan is] now marketed as Modelspan

Thanks for that very useful fact. It’s thought to be good for making sails. 

edit. No longer available, despite many model shops having it on their lists, it’s nil stock everywhere I tried. 🙁

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