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Miniart SU-85 (1943 Model)

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This is the superb Miniart SU-85 1943 Model without interior.  With no inside bits, I was able to knock this one out in just under 30 days.  Added Friul tracks and an Aber barrel along with some aftermarket handrails, an FC printed rear deck screen and Archer weld beads on the fuel cells.

53197248722_46e917effe_b.jpg 53197932388_c12f833b53_b.jpg 53197519044_3b702fa131_b.jpg 53197708616_5912cbf267_b.jpg 53197708681_334df4bf03_b.jpg 53197932323_91fca1184d_b.jpg

And the box art that inspired the build:



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