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a sign of life in 1:72 :)


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Here's a sign of life from me, unfortunately my time doesn't allow much at the moment.

I have been painting these two figures for the last 3 weeks. Hopefully it will calm down again soon. I want to start the diorama with the tree and the figures.


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Thank you for your praise, the two of them should go to a small diorama with a tree...Fantastic, you spend weeks building something, it actually looks good and then you realize it's way too big:
terrible,ย 35 looks good

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Those figures look fantastic, amazing painting skills you have. I too have a limited but unknown time left to finish my stash but keep buying more!

These figures would look amazing whatever diorama or vignette they were placed on.

Once again amazing painting.



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Time is exactly what is missing to realize what I imagine. I still have a few ideas and am buying even though my grandchildren will still have some of them.

the next project will be a British Sherman with escort in the Normanide.

I'm still looking for nice figures = buy something again ๐Ÿ˜The ones from Zvezda are great but they have gas mask pockets on the chest so probably not for this period.

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