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Hi All

Been busy buying!! Got a deal on paint (Vallejo), mig and AK, all secondhand. various tools, brushes etc, bought a few ww2 aircraft, spitfire, hurraicane, 109E,....1:72. Built 2, spitfire and Tempest. Those two are really old, going to brush paint them!!

Now I would appreciate advice on a good beginners airbrush!! Been recommended a Iwata Eclipse HP CS. Any others to look at?? got a little compressor, one of those 186 Chinese ones!! nice and quiet!!

Need a good hose and airbrush!!

Question! are all the airbrush/compressor fittings etc 1/8 inch Dia.......??........ Anything Else??

Thanks All

Appreciate your time/advice


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I am big believer in keeping the learning curve simple; its hard enough getting paint mixes, air pressures, distance from the model and general technique right without also having to master the double action; I do recommend starting with a continuous double action brush, usually identified by a trigger, such as the Mr Hobby PS-275 Procon Boy. There are others like the Hansa 310 and the H&S Grafo series that use a conventional button but are still continuous double action.


Personally I feel I am still grappling with paint and pressure even after all this time, so am still using my Hansa in preference to the H&S Infinity, and do not feel I am missing out at all.

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