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Special Hobby/Azur new 1:48 Super Mystère B2

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:clap2:Impressive build, Mathy! @exdraken is going to be both appeased and appraised. Very nice weathering; quite convincing. Superb photography as well. Focus stacking, perhaps? What gear have you got, if not?

Really need to get me one of these kits.




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Thanks for your words - painting was done with AK Interactive Xtreme Metalizer. For the basic I used Aluminium with some spots in other colors (Dark Aluminium, White Aluminium and Dual Aluminium). Later some more effects were done with some postshading and with the AK oil pencils.

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it looks a bit like the one at Gatow with the heavily weathered finish.

Notwithstanding the excellent finish showing incredible skill, I'm not sure about what finish the OP wanted to replicate.


An 'in service' SMB2



or a museum exhibit



Neither look like the kit, it anything the metallic shades seem reversed. 

Again this no attack on @mathy, just my observation.

I should wish mine turns out like that!

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