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German Soldiers in Café (35396) 1:35


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German Soldiers in Café (35396)

1:35 MiniArt via Creative Models Ltd




War is hell, quite literally, and any break from hostilities is welcomed with glee by soldiers, particularly those of WWI and WWII when war was without end, with little in the way of respite for weeks, sometimes months on end.   During WWII until shortly after D-Day, German soldiers were frequent, if unwelcome guests in cafés across Europe, served through gritted teeth and with false bonhomie by wait staff who probably took every opportunity to contaminate their occupier’s food or drink as some small act of defiance, although that carried grave risks if they were caught.


Inside the figure-sized box are eight sprues, four containing the figures, two containing a pair of tables and four chairs, and two small sprues with translucent brown bottles and clear glasses.












As usual with MiniArt figures the sculpting of each of the four characters is exceptional, with crisp detail and sensible parts breakdown plus extras in the shape of the clear bottles and glasses to add some detail to their vicinity.  The poses are all seated of course, in various levels of relaxation.  Two are without head covering, and only one has his on the table in front of him, but it must be glued brim-down, as the interior is solid.  Similarly, if you wanted to adapt that figure to be wearing his hat, he’d need to go in for an emergency craniectomy to remove the top portion of his head.  The angles of the markings on the figures’ shoulder boards is acute, which makes it difficult to tell which branch of the German forces they are from, although experts could probably identify them from their clothing alone.  The one that is easy to tell from the others is the mariner, dressed in a double-breasted jacket with brass buttons and braiding.  He is also wearing a beard, which is unusual for non-mariners at that stage of the war.




We’ve seen the seats and tables before in the Allied café sets, but this time everything is doubled-up due to the increase in seated figures to four, and no waiters included.  The four chairs are all made from front and back legs with half of the seat moulded-into each part, joining together and strengthened by adding an extra ring on top, then placing the cushion over the top to complete it.  The tables have a simple top with a cruciform mounting bracket moulded-in, adding the central leg and cast-iron base that spreads out to stabilise them.  Moulding of the weighted base is excellent, and reminiscent of the type seen in cafés everywhere, even today.




As usual, the sculpting, poses and material drape is highly realistic, and the parts breakdown sensibly placed along natural lines or seams to reduce the amount of clean-up or joint filling.  The inclusion of glasses and bottles in the sets add realism, as do the accessories and furniture.


Highly recommended.




Review sample courtesy of




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