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Aftermarket resin parts separation


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Hi to all sorry if it’s in the wrong area but the other areas are not available to me and perhaps it has been asked before sorry. Aftermarket resin parts come with blocks of extra resin moulded to parts like ejection seats or clock cluster and I was wondering how do other model builders separate this from the useable part. What knives or saws or procedure is best practice. Thanks in advance.

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Good evening Stratto


You will probably find that the right place to ask this question is the "Tools and Tips" Sub--forum: here so hopefully a kindly Mod will move it for you.


However, to answer your question: I normally use a fine bladed saw, either and Xacto or JLC, to remove the casting block.  If you are working with smaller parts (read hard to find) it might help to remove them inside a clear plastic bag to avoid your part pinging into the realm of the Carpet Monster never to be seen again - the same principle also applies to any small part.


One very important point to remember when cutting resin parts is to wear a suitable facemask to avoid inhaling any of the dust particles.


Hope this helps.



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A kindly Mod wasn't available so I moved it instead :)


A razor saw, one of those Photo-Etched razor saws that chuck into a scalpel or X-Acto handle (which I think @Richard E was alluding to), or a motor tool such as a Dremel or Proxxon tool, usually with a cutting wheel on it.  You'll need a face mask for cutting, especially if you're using a motor tool, as they kick up incredibly fine dust.  Whenever I can, I cut or sand resin outdoors too, so I'm not sitting up to my nostrils in dust, even after I've finished.  I'm a hardy soul, so as long as it's not raining, I go and sit at the patio table with a cordless Dremel I have, and kick up a stink. :D

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