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Persian Phantom


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My intention, after I have finished something, I have got 3 models on the go from previous and current GBs, is this second boxing of the FineMolds F-4D. Probably doing a fairly clean IIAF example, though the very worn Republican ones still flying do have certain something about them.


This would help balance the GB out from the mass of varied and interesting MTO stuff.





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An excellent choice Chris, counters both the MTO equipment and the IDF as well!

The Phantom is a long standing favourite of mine and the Asia Minor scheme as worn by the IIAF/IRIAF is my favourite scheme worn by them so this ticks lots of boxes for me.

Definitely one to watch.



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2 hours ago, Wings unlevel said:

Ah yes! Hoping someone would build this one. Looking forward to seeing yours come together, Chris.

 ..definitely finishing the Spillone before starting this... the SoD is full. :sad:


And using a more yellow / traditional sand shade than that boxart.



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