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Early white Vulcan B.2s, 83 Sqn

Lord Riot

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I’m probably going to start another new tool Airfix Vulcan soon, and will be making it as an all-white aircraft using aftermarket decals for 83 squadron.


According to Craig Bulman’s ‘Vulcan B.2 - From a different angle’, the first B.2s delivered to 83 squadron in 1961 included some in the XJ serial range. I was hoping to make XJ782, but the only photos I can find show this aircraft carrying only the squadron crest on the nose, not the antler on the fin.


It gets even more confusing here as this aircraft has the CO’s pennant too, yet in the Xtradecal set it gives XL426 as being that of the CO in 1961, yet Bulman’s book suggests that aircraft didn’t join 83 Sqn until 1962!





My question is basically this:


Would I be wrong to add the antler marking to the fin of XJ782?


I’m assuming (hoping!) it must have been added very soon after the above photos were taken. Does anyone know for sure or have any images to show it? I’ve seen a photo of sister XJ783 still with no antler in Sept 62, so fear it may only have been applied to the later Blue Steel Vulcans on the unit. Anyone know?

The only reason I was going for 782 is because I already have an XL serialled Vulcan in gloss camo, and over time I’d like to do a wraparound XM, a camo/light grey XM603 and this, as a white XJ. But I really like that antler marking! Might have to rethink.





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Have a look here: https://fundekals.net/wp-content/uploads/2022/07/FD72003_Inst.pdf 


Perhaps not exactly what you are looking for, but there is an all-white 83 Sqn. aircraft with the antlers on the tail in 1964. While there are no pictures, I'd trust Fundekals' research.

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