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1/144 scale modern military seated pilots from eBay


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Some while back I made some (very) rudimentary pilots for my 1/144 scale Tomcat, and given the accuracy and detail of the original kit they were fine for that, but they wouldn't win any awards!

I spotted a guy was selling 3D printed pilots on eBay and asked if he'd considered 144th scale versions... he had considered it, and was about to do them so, I waited a couple of weeks and hey presto ordered a bundle of 5 little pilots just to see how they look.






They arrived this morning and appear to be finely detailed to my eye, certainly adequate once under a typical canopy on any little 1/144 scale jet. I'm yet to attempt painting and using them, and as I'm shortly moving home it'll be some while before I get around to that.

They're from https://www.ebay.co.uk/usr/cocamp-7821 

He presently does two versions; a pack of 5 pilots with seats for £6.25 (these ones) or a pack of 6 pilots without seats for £6.45 (both including UK delivery only)
I have absolutely no connection to the guy, these were bought by me, I just thought they're worth sharing with the rest of you if you're on the look out for some generic modern military seated pilots for your 1/144 scale aircraft in flight.

I like them, I think you might too!

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Oh yes, those CRM pilots are very good, cheap too (even considering the additional E6.50 needed for postage).

Is anyone stocking them in the UK or are they only available direct?

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30 minutes ago, AlexB said:

Is anyone stocking them in the UK or are they only available direct?

Not sure as of yet.  Maybe a question for them?  He's a nice approachable chap with good English :)

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