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Monty's "Old Faithful" Staff Car +++ Finished +++


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Another update - a re-working of the folded roof (using putty and other gloop), plus the addition of what I assume are rifle clips.

Hopefully it will all blend together under a couple of coats of primer.




Here's a reminder of what it looked like before.





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I've just realised that I've been cracking on without providing any update photos :nono:

So here's the current state of play.








Barring any disasters, I should be OK for deadline :)



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I think we can let you off with a warning this time, Cliff, especially when you've been doing work of that quality. Just don't leave us out in the cold waiting for the next one ;) 



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And here we are finished (you'll remember this is the IWM exhibit, so there's no weathering :winkgrin:).




All in all, it's been quite a nice offering from Airfix :thumbsup2:.


Thank you to all who have liked or commented, and especially to @Dansk and @modelling minion for hosting so well.


 Cheers :cheers:.

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  • CliffB changed the title to Monty's "Old Faithful" Staff Car +++ Finished +++

That really is a great result Cliff, she has turned out great.

Nice too have something a bit different in the GB, especially so when it is built and finished to such a high standard as your Humber.

Thanks for taking part in the GB mate and very well done for producing such an excellent model.

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