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Tornado GR1A ********** Finished ***********


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Thanks Craig.


All together now and ready for paint. All the fuel tanks and ECM pods are also built. I also received a couple of things through the post. Yes one is some photo etch and this is because for some reason the HUD disappeared from the model. I had fitted it, painted it and was fitted the windscreen when ping and off it went. So I decided to get a cheap photo etch so that I had another one.











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A bit of Pink paint applied. I have also painted the parts that require this that are still on the sprues. I have also painted the bigger fuel tanks Grey. Now to paint some of the other colours.









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Thanks all for your comments.


I have now painted the other colours and fitted the engines. I have been studying the grey that goes on the wings when they sweep into the fuselage to see if it was there on ths aircraft. Some Gulf Tornados had it still there whilst others had it painted over and to be honest I am not sure either way on this aircraft. Most of the GR1As had this area painted over, so that is what I am going with. So now it is time for some Klear and then the decals.







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Just before my jaunt to SMW I managed to apply the main decals (not that there were many) to the model. For the smaller ones (yet again few) I have a spare Revell decal sheet to use as I am not sure about the Eduard ones.







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That's looking good :) It was also nice to meet you and put a face to a name, and as Craig said there was a very impressive display on your SIG table



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23 hours ago, modelling minion said:

The decals have gone on very well, always nice when a model doesn't need many.

It was great to see you again at Telford and your SIG had it's usual very high standard of display with some great models on show.

Yes there are probably just as many or even more decals on these 2 fuel tanks than on the actual airframe.


Anyhow all decalling now done. A protective coat of Klear and then some weathering.



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Thanks Craig, strange what you can do with a small piece of sponge and some paint.


Anyhow this one is now standing on all 3 legs. I did cut the nose oleo down a little bit, maybe not as much as should be, but it looks better than the original. I am also not sure if I got one of the main U/C legs quite correct, but I put that down to Revells breakdown of parts and my style of modelling. I have also fitted the wing pylons and should hopefully fit the rest of the U/C doors before adding the fuel tanks and other pods. I have been working on the ejection seat which are now painted up awating the PE that ths kit provides.











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getting there slowly. I have had to concentrate on another model over the last week or so, only to find out that I did not have to rush that much. So I have added the U/C and associated doors, wing pylons and the tailerons. I have also made up the ejections seats and to be honest I was not too happy with the etch that went with them. Still it is provided so it is fitted. One etched part tha twas absolutly useless was the bladder thgings that are behind the wings for the wings to fold into. Eduard had them as just a simple rectangle with no cut out for the wing when in the forwrad position. I did try to do this only for the etch part to fall apart. So I made these out of plasti-card as I normally do. I will start to fit the fuel tanks and pods over the next few days and hopefully it will then be finished.







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Yes that piece of etch was a real PITA. I was going to show a picture of it, but I have forgotten maybe later.


Almost there. I still have a few aerials to fit in addition to refitting one of the twin ones on the spine. I did fit it vertical and left my modelling roon for a few hours, but when I came back later to see if all was alright I found that one had decided to lean intowards the otehr one. I did try straightening it right away, but it just kept going back to that position.







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