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My Big 1/35th scale DAK Diorama, or "Volkswagens on Parade"...

John Masters

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This will be a multiple build, multiple component, 1/35th scale diorama.  That being said, I'll see if I ever get there.  It may indeed exceed the time allotted for this GB.  And the moderators may prefer me to break it up into multiple threads.  That's fine by me.  


Here is what I will be working with, in order of construction. 




I'll build the maintenance vehicle first...




And I have some extra parts...




Then, once that is finished I will build these guys...but not the local fellow and his mount.  While they won't be tankers, the poses are perfect for my needs....the fellow crouching down scratching his head and the other guy looking on will be from the kubelwagen.   The boss scanning the horizon is the driver of the Beetle...




And I will also be using bits from this box...tool kits. repair kits, etc...




And then this.




With some extra goodies...




This is something I thought did not exist.  I was very pleased to find it.  I hope it fits.




Because you know, a breakdown in the desert can be a serious thing indeed.  


Wish me luck!  And please tell me if you want this in separate threads...maybe I should read the rules...🤔









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Welcome to the GB John, and with what looks like it will be a nice little diorama.

As far as I'm concerned you can build all of them in one thread mate, especially as you plan to display them together. I like the figures and think they will suit your needs very well and you have some nice extras to add to the builds too.

Very much looking forward to this mate.

37 minutes ago, bootneck said:

I think the Tamiya version of the engine is a better fit for your Tamiya Kubelwagen.



I think John plans to use the Beetle engine on the Beetle.



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I looking forward to following this one John.  Is this a rare foray into dioramas and figures for you?  I don't recall seeing similar before, but may have missed them!

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2 hours ago, CliffB said:

I looking forward to following this one John.  Is this a rare foray into dioramas and figures for you?  I don't recall seeing similar before, but may have missed them!

Thank you Cliff.  To answer your question...yes and no...I used to build dioramas more often than not back in the day (before the 1990s) when I built more vehicles.  If you're noticed, this past year I have been construction some generic bases for use with photos for the GB galleries...Desert scheme, rural road, grass field, etc...

This kind of set up just asks for a vignette.  I'll see how much I get done.  Over at the Entropy GB there are some excellent diorama pieces being built.  And, of course, my own Entropy contribution is a diorama.  So...new?  Not at all...A common build format?  Not that either.  Thanks!

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13 hours ago, Dansk said:

Fantastic John. I can't wait to see little lot all come together. What a great project.

As craig says, you can decide how you order it, one thread is fine with us.


Thank you Paul.  I'm currently clearing the bench as we speak...

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I couldn't resist.  I had to open the box.  I had to look at the bits and pieces...not building yet!  


Just looking...just looking...


Saturday it begins...




The resin balloon tires are very nice.  As are the kit wheels actually.  




The resin extras from BlackDog are really nice.  I am not sure if I will use all of them.  But at 1/35th scale, the mouldings are lovely.







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And Round 1 begins...




I think I'll prime everything first.  I don't have a Panzer Grey primer for the undercoat but a lighter grey will do for the time being.

No photo...🤫


The instructions call for Tamiya XF-60, Dark Yellow.  I consulted the conversion charts and the Vallejo equivalent was anywhere between Khaki and Portland Stone.  Hmmm...I mixed up my own, knowing they painted in the field, repainted, etc...this will do for a good base, off of which to work out any weathering.  It's actually quite nice.  A light tan-khaki.




Basically I airbrushed pretty much everything, at least any of the vehicle parts, hubs, etc...the exhaust pipes, transmission peices and motor received some burnt iron as a base.




Im excited.  I haven't built a 1/35th scale kübelwagen in a long, long time.







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On 8/29/2023 at 10:02 AM, modelling minion said:

Neat work John, that look very good.


On 8/29/2023 at 1:31 PM, 81-er said:

That's a great start, John


Thanks fellows...


This is coming together pretty easily.  Everything fits very well.






I painted the seats Leather Brown because I had seen reconstructed vehicles with that seat colour.  I have since painted them khaki.  In the end they will just look weathered and worn (I hope!)





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3 hours ago, Dansk said:

it's flying together

It always helps when the pieces fit properly!  Thank you.  


53 minutes ago, modelling minion said:

Coming together very nicely John, good progress mate.

Thank you Craig.  This weekend will be a slowdown.  I have scads of off-the-bench activities that need attending to!

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20 hours ago, PlaStix said:

Great to see this project is underway John. And looking rather good already.

Kind regards,

Thank you Stix.  


Here's a bit of fun...this is the KW with most of the BlackDog extras on board.  It's quite the load and more than I want for this little scenario.  I don't need all that baggage.  I will definitely use the spare tire and the tarp on the fender.  I'm not sure about the covered windscreen.  




And this is without the heavy load and using the kit windscreen.




Since I will be adding a lot of other items from MiniArt, I like the second look better.  In fact, all this means is that will have to build another KW somewhere down the road and use all these fine resin pieces.



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