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Cable Spools (49008) 1:48


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Cable Spools (49008)

1:48 MiniArt via Creative Models Ltd




Well this set's a load of bobbins!  No, seriously, it really is, and yes I cracked that one on the 1:35 set review too.  You often see cable spools lying beside tracks, in rail or engineering yards, even today, so this set is a handy one to have if you are planning any dioramas, or need to load up a truck or trailer.  You could even have some soldiers having a tea party around one if you like!  Arriving in a figure-sized box, the set contains four sprues in grey styrene, a sheet of decals and an instruction sheet.




Each sprue contains the parts for a large and small bobbin/spool, measuring 37mm and 20mm respectively in real-world numbers.  Each core is made from two halves that make up the cylinder, and two end caps, with wooden planking and texture on everything that will be seen after construction, plus screws/nails/bolts where appropriate.  The decal sheet contains a raft of curved lettering, brand logos and various stencilling, depending on what's supposed to be on the reels.  The rear of the box shows some typical colour schemes, and shows where and when these types were in use.  On top of all these decals you also get a bonus of two "Kilroy was here!" decals with their big-nosed accompaniment.




They go together easily like their larger siblings, although I think I would scribe the join-lines of the cylinder when the glue is dry, and the little pips that centre the parts are fiddly to register in the depressions due to the texture of the end-caps, but a little care gets you there in the end.


Highly recommended.




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