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Tim's Flying tin opener - COMPLETED

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6 hours ago, theplasticsurgeon said:

I'm informed that the tailplanes are slightly small

And the rest. 


It's easily the least accurate Hurricane kit since the 1960's.    


The tail is too small, the fuselage is too high, meaning it's humpbacked and the angle from cockpit to tail is wrong, the wings are a bit too slim in plan,  the nose is like a pencil at the front, the access panelling under the cockpit is like the prototype...  and the list goes on.      

Ironically the drawing on the box top above IS accurate.   

The reason? 

Hawker GA drawings are notoriously suspect.   Most likely source is in the 1987/1990 Francis K Mason Hurricane book, there are some very detailed drawings, that are utter garbage, and exhibit most of the faults above.    Evidently the designer never bothered to look at photos in anything apart from a passing way.  

This rather sobering piece by Arthur Bentley when he did his drawings in 1980 will explain why so many kits have problems. 

Sadly the only place where this info was published AFAIK was in that issue of Scale Models.




The kit from what I have seen builds well,  but the above faults will explain why it's not been reissued after it's initial run.   


Yes, i know it 'looks' like a Hurricane,  every Hurricane model does depending on how hard you  look....   


On a positive note they did at least pick a different decal option to BP188/JV-Z,   

BN977 JV-V , which is known from a film clip

here's a screen grab,  there are shots of the other side. 

note the yellow leading edge stripe and code running order




more on this here 



Hope of interest. 



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53 minutes ago, theplasticsurgeon said:

Well that deflating to hear.


Nicely put Tim.  That made me smile (although possibly not your intention).  Enjoy your build regardless :thumbsup:

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On 8/14/2023 at 3:13 AM, Troy Smith said:

Ironically the drawing on the box top above IS accurate.   

When Airfix subcontracted this product to me I was asked to do all the artwork for the box and the decal schemes.  Although the box top isn't an exact copy, I used the drawings in the Squadron/Signal publications as a basis augmented by some good quality copies I bought from the IWM of their library of photos.

While the Airfix kit has some inaccuracies, I feel they aren't really noticeable unless you are a Hurricane expert or holding it against drawings. To my eye the most obvious mistake (though relatively easy to correct) is the significantly undersized propeller.  The kit builds well and I've seen some lovely examples turned out as shows.

Airfix later re-released the kit as a Mk IIB with the Swordfish as an Operation Torch special.

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Cockpit bits being prepared.


Undersize prop.  Retained by hear fixing on this occasion.


Wings are fuselage about to be 




Kit instructions say that this was a Hurricane IIb, with one  tracer armed 303 per wing for sighting - rendering the wing top bulges and hatches inaccurate. 

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1 hour ago, theplasticsurgeon said:

Airbrushed Humbrol H230 PRU BlueX160 earlier this morning.


Followed by fitting and masking the canopy.


Then Airbrushed Humbrol 234 Desert Sand, not really mustard enough, but we'll see.


Granted not mustard enough (mid-stone) however it does look like an Italian color ? Maybe the plane was re-painted in Italian paints that were captured. 

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1 minute ago, theplasticsurgeon said:

Starting a rumour that a rumour that a warehouse full of enemy paint was overrun, captured - and used on RAF planes.

BTW your build has me inspired to build a Flying Can opener myself. Ive got an Arma IIc that will be converted to a IId and will be JV*— of 6 Sq. 

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