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Disengage cloak!




Looking forward to getting started on this. I made a few of the AMT Star Trek kits back in the 90s, but never this one, probably the most famous non-Starfleet ship design in the franchise.


Star Trek III: Spock Resurrection was the first Trek film I watched (and rewatched 100s of times on VHS) and the ship, making its debut, was the star of the show for me back then. It would go on to appear in Star Trek IV: The One With the Whales, Star Trek V: What Does God Need With a Starship?, Star Trek VI: Hamlet in the Original Klingon and Generations, not to mention countless times in TNG and DS9.


There's some fun trivia about the Bird of Prey here:



Before battle commences I'll raise a goblet of blood wine to you all taking part. May your builds be glorious victories, or at least live an honourable death in Sto'Vo'Kor.



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OK space cadets, it's sprue shot time:










All fairly straightforward, though there are some fairly chunky sprue gates here and there. It comes with two options for the wing geometry - conventional flight and attack mode. There are two display stands - a typical under the belly mount from an earlier release and this 'Flight Display' boxing comes with a more unorthodox approach comprising a base and a circular slab of transparent aluminum perspex:






Or maybe that's no moon display stand...



Can't believe I've resorted to a Star Wars reference in a Star Trek thread :facepalm:


I've brought shame on the house of No Mac



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11 hours ago, Thom216 said:

Is it going to be able to support itself that way? If so, that should look pretty cool.


I'm a little dubious of how stable it will be. I think I'll give it a try and weigh up my options. My main concern is scratching the paintwork while slotting the wing into position.


11 hours ago, airfixpeter said:

I am looking forward to this are you going to call it hms bounty as it is in the voyage home 


I'm not decided on a particular version, though I definitely want to emulate the more muted, reptilian palette of the films, rather than the more garish colours seen in TNG and DS9 (though they were same models - with some shots recycled from the films - until CGI came along during DS9's later seasons).

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I built this when it first came out. The original stand will hold it but I always found it a bit tipsy. 


As for the transparent aluminum one, I'm not sure and your concern about the paint getting scratched when you put it in is valid. 

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Greetings space cadets, the first plastic has been cut. 


Wing halves glued and the wing fold 'humps' assembled:




And clean-up has begun on the disruptor (?) cannons:




There are some significant mould seams down the length of each barrel/tube - all eight of them - so whittling plastic will be the next job.




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Greetings space cadets.


Hull halves glued together:




The chin with the torpedo tube housing added:




The battle with the cannon seams has not gone well. There's a nasty sink mark in one of the main barrels, the other is warped, there's two horribly positioned sprue gates and in many places the two mould halves don't line up very well.




I weighed up the time it would take to deal with all of the above and decided it would be simpler to scratch build some new ones. So I've lobbed them off (which was quite satisfying, like slaying an enemy with a bat'leth):




I've got an assortment of rod and tubing arriving in the post this week, meanwhile I can get the hull and wings prepared for primer.



Edited by Bobby No Mac
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Thanks everyone. Scratch building to that extent will be a strange new world for me, but by breaking down the shapes it doesn't look too tricky to do. What could possibly go wrong? :fool: 

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OK space cadets, the primer is on:




Good old Mr Mahogany Surfacer 1000 making it look more like a Turd of Prey. The wing 'humps' were given a coat of XF-56 metallic grey:




Then comes the green. After much chin stroking, I went XF-51 khaki drab as a base colour:




Next step I think will be a light coat of XF-49 khaki to lighten it up and take it from there.




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8 hours ago, wimbledon99 said:

I can't see the photos. Is it just me?? :sad:


Sorry to hear that, I think it might be. They're showing ok for me in Edge and Firefox. 


... maybe it's turning on the cloak by itself :D

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