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[HASEGAWA 1/48] Hurricane IV RP No.351 (Yugoslav) Sqn RAF

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Hurricane IV RP from No. 351 (Yugoslav) Sqn RAF.

Serial LD975 'O'.


Hi there!

I won't insult you Brits by detailing the Hurry story!

I'll just say that No. 351 was part of the Balkan air force, flying there in 1944/45 in support of Tito's Partizans.


To build this Hurry, I've started from Hasegawa's Hurry IId box, as I had two, and I didn't know that they had a specific IV box... before getting one much later. I had also an old SAM Publications conversion for the Mk.IV RP including 44 gal. fuel tanks and/or blast plates and rocket rails... but not rockets!!!! And a Lift Here decals sheet.


Nothing specific to say about the build, just take care of the pit with its tubular structure when positioning it inside the fuselage: Dryfit, dryfit and dryfit! The same apply for building the front central part of wings. And to me, that's about all.


The paint scheme is far from being 100% correct, and the edge of the colours are too much blended.

Was afraid of the decals, because of a bad experience with another sheet some weeks ago. I took extra cautions, and everything went smoothly. Well, take care anyway with Lifthere decals.


Rockets, again. Well 15 years ago when I started to think about this build, the weapons configuration that I wanted was a bit specific, in any case asymmetric! Four rockets on one side, and an external tanks on the other. This was more than often used by Balkans air force Hurrry.

Buuuuuut.... fifteen years later, I just forgot. In fact, I remember, but too late, as the blast plates were in place already. Nevermind, off I go to source eight rockets... I'm still searching, as I would like some 60lb warhead, and so far, nothing in sight. I missed the chance with Airfix's Spit 18,

who I think have those RP. BUT..... I've already given them to a friend...


For the weathering,, it's not ok to me, just too heavy and far from being subtile.


And in the end, a nice little kit, but I didn't really do it justice. I'll try hard for the next Hurry!

Here you go!



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