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Good kits from Trumpeter and Dragon in 1/72


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I built many Dragon 1/72 WW2 tanks, and in my humble opinion, they are all excellent kits. 

My favorite are the Shermans, as well as the SdKfz 251s and the T-34/76 and T-34/85.

Some of the German Panzers have minor accuraccy issues, and I wouldn't recommend Dragon's Panther.

One problem with Dragon kits are the rubber-band tracks. In some boxes, they are fine, in others, they are warped, too short, or too long.


Trumpeter 1/72 kits have less individual parts, are easier to assemble, but lack the fine detail that Dragon kits provide.

I like Trumpeter's odd choice of subjects, like the French Char B.1, Soviet Voroshilovets Tractor and Kommintern Artillery Tractor, but they are not my first port of call for more common vehicles (like the Sherman, or T-34).



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In 35th scale this Sturer Emil is the only Trumpeter kit I have done and I rather enjoyed it. Could do with a bit of updating but good straight out of the box.



This from Dragon was an enjoyable build too. Good level of detail and a relatively straight forward build.


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Most manufacturers have good kits and then bad kits. for dragon I really like their T-34s but wasn't so keen on a panzer 3 I built. Dragon instructions have a bit of a reputation for having errors. and as mentioned good kits can be let down by the tracks although aftermarket tracks are usually available.


Trumpeter have nice kits and keep churning out new subjects, most of the more recent releases are quite nice as they have moved away from rubber band tracks to all moulded track and wheel assemblies. but there are some disappointments, l their T-62s  have a shortcut where they have made no attempt to represent the turret ring overhang which is something very specific to the T-62. One thing to watch on trumpeter kits is that they often use 1/35 models on the box art for the 1/72 kits which can mean disappointment as details present in 1/35 may not be present in the 1/72 kit.


for 1/72 I'd consider the likes of vespid, Takom and flyhawk, if you can get them.

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It really depends on what you want to model, Dragon and Trumpeter have good and bad kits, the main let down of Dragon kits were the instructions and the DS tracks, Trumpeter have some really stupid short cuts and errors. Depending on what you want to model there are usually better kits out there.

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