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RN Deck Green


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Any recommendations for which manufacturer makes a decent RN deck Green. Yes I know WEM/Sovereign Colourcoats are supposed to be very good but I am unwilling to pay £5 odd pls postage for tin I will only use a small amount of.


I did read somewhere that Tamiya X5 was a fair approximation but it looks a bit dark to me.

I added some light grey to it and ended up with this shade.




Is this any good or way off?


I can get hold of Mr Color, Tamiya, Vallejo and the Revell and humbrol enamels.





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I like to use acrylics, mostly Vallejo. For Mid Brunswick Green BS 381 / 226, Vallejo 888 Olive Grey looks pretty close but I use 90% German Uniform 920 +10% Flat Green - I think I decided the Olive Grey looked a bit too flat on my small 1/1250 models.

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Thanks guys. After looking at pictures of Fearless and other RN ships around the 1970s I found that IRR green was a fair match so went with that. It is close to the what you suggested Midland 1965.

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I've only fairly recently bitten the bullet and invested in Sovereign Colourcoats, and very good they are too.  Prior to that, my go to RN deck green was Humbrol 88 which although not perfect, is certainly good enough to my eye, based on having joined the RN when green decks were going out of fashion to be replaced with grey but I certainly remember them as a youngster from Navy Days in the 70s.


what I would say, and am very happy to be proven wrong, is that even by the 60s, flight decks were generally painted grey.  There are no colour photos that I can find of FEARLESS or INTREPID prior to the mid 1980s, but even the B&W images seem to show a much darker flight deck which would be commensurate with Camrex grey.


Interestingly, the one issue I have observed with Colourcoats (and this is only based on very limited experience) is that it wasn't so much the cost of shipping but the longevity of the paint itself.  It may just be me (probably) or a duff batch, but I found that half way through my build of BRAVE earlier this year, the first pot of light weatherworks grey dried up completely after less than 3 months despite obtaining a good seal after each use etc.  In contrast my Hu 88 was first opened about 3 years ago and is still going strong.  I don't think this is a common issue as other users of Colourcoats at my local model club said that they had never experienced anything similar, so I didn't bother taking it up with Jamie and it won't stop me from buying it again.

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Thanks Chewbacca that is interesting as most of the colour pictures I found did have green decks.



And this is my model painted with Hataka's C215 NATO IRR Green, which looks a fair match.




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just a thought 

If you go to your local B&Q store, over here its Bunnings and they have a Dulux matching and mix computer there, ask them to find the BS number list and quote

the number you want to them, I would imagine it's the same matching system, and you'll get the right colour, at first the op couldn't find it but when I told him it was right at the end of his colours, hey presto there it was , Iv done it with Light weather works grey BS 381c 676, SHAR's EDSG BS381c 640, Dark Admiralty Grey BS381c 632, I bought a half litre can of each but I suppose you could ask for a sample pot  ?? you can get it in Acrylic  or in enamel and thin it down with duo 340 goes through an Airbrush good



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