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The poll will appear here when the groupbuild has ended.  

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X20 DynaSoar 1/72nd AMP kit

The X20 DynaSoar was a USAF project from the late 1950s-early 60s to build a spaceplane capable of a variety of roles. In an effort to keep the programme, there was some NASA involvement, but it was cancelled in December 1963 to free up funds for the Manned Orbital Laboratory or MOL. This project was in fact a manned reconnaissance platform, and in turn was cancelled in June 1969 The AMP kit is nicely detailed, but not as straightforward as it looks to build. WIP is her






Thanks to bianfuxia for the idea and hosting the GB, and to Enzo for keeping order.

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Well, I didn't get the ISS finished - that was probably a bit ambitious - but I did put in a last burst to get this one done.


The O'Neill Cylinder concept for a huge space settlement - basically a giant tube with three landscaped settlements inside, each separated by a huge window lying above each settlement. The whole things spins on its axis to create gravity and huge doors close at "night". A separate ring appears to contain farming facilities.




This was a neat kit I had sent from Japan. The brand is "Wave Corportation". Like many Bandai kits, it was entirely press fit. Didn't use a drop of glue. 







Not the same scale!


Here is the build thread:


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Titan IIIC

This is the Round2 rerelease of the MPC 1/100 Titan IIIC. The kit was originally released as a static model (here) and a flying model. It looks like Round 2 may have upgraded the decals.


Thank you so much to @bianfuxia amd @Bobby No Mac for hosting this GB. I have another addition to the space collection. 


Without further ado...







And the build log is






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Hi all and here's mine, a Corellian YT-1300 Freighter operated by Fed Ex. The build thread is here but to recap:


Kid: Revell Millennium Falcon 'Solo' version

Scale: 1/164

Build: Out of box

Paints: Tamiya, Mr Hobby, Flory Models Wash, W&N Satin Varnish

Decals: By Draw Decals for Fed Ex 757 Cargo


Thanks for looking and to the host and Mods for a great Group Build idea. Until the next time, take care, happy modelling and hope you have a great Christmas.




53404490294_879e5397f5_b.jpgRevell_YT_1300_Freighter_Falcon)FedEx_Done_1 (6) by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr


53404352143_0a53ceb554_b.jpgRevell_YT_1300_Freighter_Falcon)FedEx_Done_1 (9) by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr


53404166806_56acae181b_b.jpgRevell_YT_1300_Freighter_Falcon)FedEx_Done_1 (8) by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr


53404490279_d2635979e4_b.jpgRevell_YT_1300_Freighter_Falcon)FedEx_Done_1 (10) by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr


53404599525_b49125e576_b.jpgRevell_YT_1300_Freighter_Falcon)FedEx_Done_1 (4) by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr


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Here’s mine- completed on time but posted late:


1/72 Horizon Models Mercury-Redstone, built as MR3, the first manned flight, which sent Alan Shepard into space as the first American and second person to do so.



(Photo by Pip Moss, aka “Seawinder”)






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