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Spot of the day - Part 7


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A Ford kind of day today, started with an orange Capri with brown vinyl roof on an -S ; a couple of early Mustangs- white convertible with hood up, and a beautiful dark green fastback; and a bit more down to earth a tatty L- prefix 5-door Scorpio in blue with non-matching rear bumper.

Exotica on the A217, 1989 Ferrari 328 GTS, appropriately registered G11GTS, in red of course.



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49 minutes ago, Stef N. said:

It's just me that doesn't like it then.😳😀


Nope, me too. While I'm not a Ferrari fan, I'll admit that they made some pretty cars. Those are not on the list.

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1 hour ago, Stef N. said:

It's just me that doesn't like it then.😳😀

Only you two, I think they're great and would be hard-pushed to decide between the 400/412 and 286 Dino as to my favourite Ferrari.


I do wonder if the one you saw was one of the ones at Silverstone Classic - there were are least 3 there. One in red, a black P-reg in the auction and this beauty (which was on display and for sale). I had to walk away from the last one as bad thoughts were entering my mind involving mortgage extensions before it occurred to me that fuelling and servicing a near 40-year old V12 Ferrari would probably require a second mortgage. As it's not that different to the pictures you posted I wonder if this is the one you saw?



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So last weekend I was back in Jakarta, because my media team is holding a morning drive event in collaboration with a parallel import dealer. As a preparation, I went on Saturday, just in time for Ferrari Owners Club Indonesia morning drive




One of the best-specced 458 Speciale, Grigio Titanio Metallizzato instead of the usual Rosso Corsa or Giallo Modena.




Another Grigio Titanio, this time a 360 Modena with several Challenge Stradale kit. This one used to reside in my hometown and received the Challenge Stradale mods before sold to JKT and got converted into manual.




Apparently it's a classy spec day since this F12 showed up. Not in the cliche Rosso Corsa but in a triple-layer Rosso Fuoco. And silver wheels, not black.




More classy spec with this Blu Swaters 458 Speciale. Only this one has received a full Novitec Rosso aero kits and aftermarket PUR wheels.




My favorite pick of current Ferraris on sale, the 296 GTB. This time it's in a beautiful Viola Hongkong, with full Assetto Fiorano performance package and carbon wheels as well as that pretty silver calipers.




A 488 Pista Piloti Ferrari in Argento Nurburgring. Funny thing is, no. 93 was used by Ferrari Corse Clienti driver and SKY-Tempesta Racing driver Chris Froggatt, who owned a no. 93 FXXK EVO. And his Instagram handle is also @93_cf, which kind of perplexed me since this car is in Indonesia and not UK. Maybe he decided not to get his Pista Piloti and offered it somewhere else? Idunno...




This one's a rare breed. One of only 3 Ferrari F355 Challenge to made its way here, finished in what I presume was Blu Le Mans. The other two are in Giallo Modena and Nero DS, the latter currently resides in my hometown not being driven after multiple efforts in mending its ropey engine.




The most underrated of all Ferrari V8 lightweights. But to me 430 Scuderia is always special, thanks in no small part to the TopGear review of it back in 2008.




Another 355, this time a 355 F1 Berlinetta in Giallo Modena and Fiorano Handling Package wheels. Afterwards we headed to the parallel import dealer showroom to both discuss about Sunday's event and did a review on this:




The new 992 GT3 RS. This thing is insane. How Porsche managed to make that wing legal I have not got a clue...




Yes. More Ferrari. This F12 is one of the most extensively-specced F12 here. There is no visible carbon fibre bits anywhere. It is finished in two-tone colour of Blu Scozia and Argento Nurburgring, with the interior in Blu Medio/Sabbia full leather interior. It is gorgeous.


Sunday, and it's the event day. Long story short it was a huge success in comparison with our previous event, with at least 17 cars joining the drive and at least 13 more joining the breakfast after the drive. Here's some highlights.




An A80 Supra 15th Anniversary Edition, complete with TRD wings and TRD wheels




A rare sight. One of only 2 SRT Challenger Demon in our shore. It was LOUD. It might be a bit crude, but I love it as much as the more precise machineries around it.




More 488 Pista, this one is in Giallo Modena but got every single Atelier options possible including the Giallo Modena pinstripes.




Currently one of my top 5 dream car, a 991.2 Speedster. This Guards Red example is on BBS Manthey Racing magnesium wheels as well as having the black plastic exterior parts replaced with carbon fibre.




One of only 2 Huracan Tecnica currently in our shore, this Giallo Midas example was the first to be road-registered.




The owner of the black Supra Anniversary Edition went home after the drive because the gearbox refused to cooperate... and decided to drive this FnF-inspired Supra instead to our event. Absolutely insane, as you can see from the crowd. The GT2 RS didn't even get a second look.



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This morning Sleaford. 51 plate BMW 735i in dark green. needs a wash but looks good. Proper motor! Mk 1 Astra in very good nick. Yesterday in Lincoln a Volvo Amazon in Gulf colours. Nice. 



Later in Navenby, South of Lincoln, An N reg red lotus Europa. On Lincoln Bypass a Mk1 Ford Consul. Grey over blue. lovely condition.

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Hi all another Retros Run to Headcorn Aerodrome,  nr Maidstone last Sunday, some great cars and wonderful tohave a Spitfire and Harvard taking off and landing a few times whilst there. 



Meters ManxBeach buggy, number 22 and on a 1947 bug floorspace, this one is signed by Bruce Meyers himself I was told.



Looked for Daisy Duke but to no avail



Consul Cortina, very nice



Love the look if this 57



Nice 37 Ford



Harley engined Morgan



I love this Henry J



Thanks for looking


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Love that Charger. This month's Classic American features a roadtrip to Covington where Dukes of Hazzard was filmed, and includes the nugget that around 300 Chargers were destroyed in the course of filming. I remember reading elsewhere that for all we love such things now, in the day many muscle cars lingered on the forecourts unwanted.


Great pics with that sky


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6 hours ago, Sabrejet said:

A few from today's Concours of Elegance at Hampton Court:


































And on the way home we saw a Hyundai Stellar! When did you last see one of those?

Gregor Fiskens' Valkyrie is kind of funny-looking with that tartan moustache.

Funny livery for what amounts to be one of the most brutal, uncompromising road car ever made.

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4 hours ago, Tyas said:

Gregor Fiskens' Valkyrie is kind of funny-looking with that tartan moustache.


I understand the tartan (also on the small fin/rear view camer fairing) but I think I'd have expressed it some other way. They're only stickers so I'm sure they'll come off at some point.

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Final one from Hampton Court. Who remembers the Baillon Collection Ferrari California Spyder? It was discovered a few years ago when its owner passed away and his vast collection was 'discovered' and gradually sold off. The California was hidden beneath piles of magazines (supposedly to hide it from the tax man), along with a gorgeous Maserati A6G Zagato, which appeared at the Concours a few years ago.


This is how it looked then, the bonnet and boot caved-in from the weight of the magazines:


1 (25)


And this is it yesterday, lovingly restored and obviously cherished by its lucky owners. I think the bumper over-riders spoil the looks, but maybe they're a necessity in Monaco? I'd still have had the Maserati though.


1 (13)


1 (20)


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Returning grand-daughter home to Hampshire on M4 today some semi-interesting exotics like a Kermit green Lambo, some red Ferrari, one of those pig ugly Bentley SUV things and most interesting a yellow C4 Corvette. Once off the M4 more interesting stuff, BRG Triumph TR3, beautiful bright red Sunbeam Alpine and another BRG machine a stunning Jaguar C Type - not sure if genuine but looked gorgeous! 



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