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Spot of the day - Part 7


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@Neddy I'll second that. 

I forgot to add a couple of spots from this week. A Jaguar XK140 in commuter traffic in Lincoln that I've seen before.

And, to add to the BMW bit above, Waiting at Holdingham roundabout (Lincs) when a pre Bangle 7 series swept past right to left. Proper motor!


Oh, and I found this...


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On 08/09/2023 at 12:09, TonyW said:

To keep the thread on course, here's a spot of the day from me. A bit of a cheat though, as it's sat on my drive. I did spot it just now, while walking through the garden.




A '70 Morris Minor.  The latest addition to the fleet a short time ago, bought as an antidote to all the modern doohickery bells and whistles that I find so irritating. It will be used as a daily.

It's about as eco friendly as you can get. Already built, so no energy input into manufacture. Light weight, skinny tyres and a tiny but highly tunable A series engine to keep things fun at low relative speeds.

Tax free, very low insurance rates and smiles from Joe Public while it's trundeling around.

It can be fixed with a lump hammer and bailing wire and won't loose a penny in value as long as I keep the maintainance up. If there's a fault to the plan, I havn't found it yet. If I find I need a bit more load space, I'll chop it in against a Traveller.


That's a gorgeous car Tony, I do love a Morris Minor. It does sadden me that there isn't a kit of one out there!

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3 hours ago, Neddy said:

I'm probably showing my age by observing that the one that really does it for me is the Mk 1 Cortina with the twin-cam engine.

Me too, it may not be original but it is very tastefully done, the best of both worlds. :)


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Went to local sprint rally event again yesterday, but the organiser is an utter 4-letter word they never actually hand out any form for press except for those they picked. And the event was announced only two weeks ago because they think they can get away with local council permission to held it in the previously announced venue. Now they were forced to relocate to a football stadium with makeshift stage and service park.




A rally-prepped Lancer EVO X driven by Indonesian local rally legend Rifat Sungkar.




New Hyundai i20N R5. Surprisingly this one was driven by BMW M Team WRT race driver Sean Gelael, which means he skipped this weekend's 6 Hours of Fuji WEC race with WRT's LMP2 team.




Another i20N R5




Toyota GR Yaris AP4 operated by the local Indonesian branch of Gazoo Racing. This is a different car to the upcoming GR Yaris R5 homologated for WRC-2 class. AP4 class cars are made for Asia-Pacific Rally Championship, and is actually a little bit less restrictive in terms of what cars can be used. Costs roughly the same as R5 cars, though. But nowhere near as expensive as the old WRC cars, let alone the new hybrid Rally1 cars.




Ford Fiesta R3...




... and its R5 brethren.




Also, a new G87 BMW M2 Coupe. Holy moly it's a box.

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I popped over the road to my neighbour's house for a car show. Hatfield House was a lovely setting and a gorgeous late summer's day for the The Enfield and District Veteran Vehicle Society to show off their motors. I'm sure you will like some of them. (I particularly liked the Datsun.)




















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Varied selection out and about locally today.

Nice orange early 911 on an -L, tatty orange-ish Cortina on an -X, black Capri on a -W; immaculate blue LHD VW bus on a -P, red 308GTB on a -Y, and some kind of steam lorry lettered for Shepherd Neame brewery.



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19 hours ago, Windy37 said:

from the days when Peugeot made good looking cars ....


The 106 was fun to drive,206 looked great and the GTi was gorgeous and the CC was innovitive,306 was comfy and nice to drive and the 406 especially the Coupe looked beautiful....

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11 hours ago, Pete in Lincs said:




It's a Starfix Beamer!

Hang on with the criticism, this is about 1,000,000% better than any other recent beemer!

A low threshold I grant you but credit where credits due…

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Sorry, still not convinced. To me it looks like a snap fit Lego model. Very boring indeed. But we can probably agree to differ. Eye of the beholder, etc..


Compared with this, for instance?


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1 hour ago, Vince1159 said:

The 106 was fun to drive,206 looked great and the GTi was gorgeous and the CC was innovitive,306 was comfy and nice to drive and the 406 especially the Coupe looked beautiful....

Exactly my point . There was a 106 Rallye there too . Now there's a car to be taken to a mountain pass and driven hard !!


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My brother invited me and my boy along to a track evening at Bedford Aerodrome for a passenger ride in another of his toys, and RGB Edition Elise 


Don't tell him, but he's actually very good driver🤫


This 911 was there and had the largest break discs that I've ever seen on a road car.


But my personal two favourites were these two, how the TVR passed the noise test I'll never know




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