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4 hours ago, corsaircorp said:

Totally agreed !!

I also have a big screen on my PC.....

Old eyeballs are the main sause for that....:whistle::whistle:

Hello Spad, Obviously, I like these RFI pics !!!

Wonderful job !!

Congratulations !!



Thanks dear heart. Glad you liked it.

2 hours ago, rob Lyttle said:

I dunno..... A little rub of florry just isn't going to cut it anymore, not after this GB, is it.....??

Eek. Thinking about it I didnt use any Flory at all,

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Mate this is brilliant, I am gonna steal your idea of using lemon tea bags as like flotsam thats on the shore line, love the idea and the results.

I was wanting to ask did you consider doing like a oily sheen on the water or has the jeep been in the water long enough its leached away?

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