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Yes I know. 🤫 let me explain. 


I almost threw in the towel before I started with this as I’m way behind the curve time wise and I just couldn’t make a decision.
Going through some of the builds in this GB since finishing my last two builds I decided to almost put a pin in a map and see where it lead me. 
I’d planned on an aeroplane, then a police car, then a robot. It was like looking for a movie on Netflix 😩😩😩.

So I told myself to buckle up butter cup. Choose something and start giving myself some boundaries.  
So opening a stash drawer I noticed a part built kit that I’d bought for my daughter years ago.  Then I saw this.


💡 Then I thought of @perdu’s beer mat challenge.  So that said, I had me a boundary.

Then I had a kit.


I also had some stuff that I’d bought in the Ian Allen closing down sale that I’ve always wanted to use.


And a book of tips.


The plan will be something like this. Keeping witching the confines of the …. Ahem. Beer mat. 😃


Soooo what’s with the name? 
Ok it’s a personal joke between me and my brother. As a kid I taped the seminal “Lewis Collins, vehicle” movie  “Who dares wins” off ITV. I had one of those hard plastic VHS cassette cases  and because the tan was promptly whipped from the tape as this baby was a keeper I gave it a new home in the “good box”

This was then decorated with bullet holes, the SAS logo and the film title “WHO DEARS WINS”  in silver indelible marker.

(Spelling was never my speciality)  I was dutifully ribbed in a way only a big brother can. And you know I’ve never forgotten it to this day.  Hence the first thing I felt when pulling out the SAS jeep was this deep buried nugget of child hood embarrassment. 

Let’s see if we can make something from the bits.  And remember kids. 
Those who dear, win!  🤣



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Even though know you did it on purpose, and you’ve explained your reasoning, the title is still making my eye twitch every time I see it :frantic:

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11 hours ago, Muchmirth said:

Hey I like the look of this… it’s a really hard choice to make for this gb. Welcome aboard. 
  Also like the personal connection.

Good luck 👍


Thanks Paul.  Hopefully it’ll turn out how I imagine. 😇

11 hours ago, Trevor L said:

Very nice.

That book looks good. I may try and get a copy, if it's not too dare.

😂🤣 I can see a whole raft of jokes starting now. Yes it’s a great book. Lots of really good techniques. It does champion the salt weathering method which I have tried a few times but never got on with. I won’t be using it in this build. 😌

6 hours ago, CedB said:

I’m in Jont. 

Welcome aboard Ced. 😍

5 hours ago, Marklo said:

Welcome Johnny nice to see a familiar face (avatar?)


Looks like it will be an interesting build.

Thanks. Right back atcha. I’ve just caught up on all… Three of your builds. Almost as bad as our dear @corsaircorp .  Then again. 🤔….🤣

4 hours ago, giemme said:

Me too, obvs.



Welcome G man.  Guess what? No decals. Not a one. 😆😀

4 hours ago, Mike said:

Even though know you did it on purpose, and you’ve explained your reasoning, the title is still making my eye twitch every time I see it :frantic:

Sorry. 😂 it’s been with me for well over thirty years. Time to pass on the love. 😉🙃

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Okey dokey. Now I’ve laid out my stall let’s get this thing started shall we. 😇

Here’s the box art.


It’s a lovely little detailed kit actually. With tones of Jerry cans that I’ll never use. (In this build any way.

Here’s what’s left on the sprues.

53064682155_ccf60119e9_b.jpg 53064294196_6d8b2ca144_b.jpg

As you can see, she didn’t get all that far. She’s16 now soo I don’t think she’ll mind me continuing the build.

The instructions although detailed do look rather dated. I need to check the age of this kit later on.


The chassis has been started so …


I’ll carry on by cleaning up the seams and adding the shocks. I assume they’re hydraulic shocks even though it has leaf suspension. 


Inserting the exhaust meant this tab showed through, which looks clumsy especially for Tamiya. Maybe I got it wrong but I’ll cut it down.




And in place with some other plates and what not.  Usually I’d paint all the bits separately but as this is going to be rusty and stuck in a puddle I’ll paint it up in one. 😄


One joy of TET is that if you apply along the seams that it was used on you might just be able to go backwards on a build. 😍

Et voila.


Now I’m planning on not doing a dusty desert gin and merry can laden beast. Something more along the lines of this.

53063708182_71d1828441_b.jpg 53064294366_1ccbf4fc93_b.jpg

Inside I want to really dig some holes in it so something like this.


So I marked out ma hole.


And drilled out the main part.


Cutting that out means I’ll have to fix the chassis. As you can see it has a blanket of top.


A good bit of chiselling and cutting later you can see the chassis and exhaust through the hole. Just need to fix the void in the exhaust.


I added a bit of plasticard damage to the other foot well. I’ll scratch some broken pedals too. Whether the seat will have the modification we shall see.


I chiselled some dings and dents then primed the chassis.


This is fun!!!! 
I did some damage to the front mud guard. Cut it away and bent with a set of pliers.

 Then glued the sides and rear back on.


Now I’d thought about opening the bonnet but s as I don’t want to build an engine. (This kit doesn’t come with one) I decided to open it a little and possibly have stuff growing out of the void. So I cut along the seam and did a little bending.


After that I realised I needed dents. I read earlier on a build in this GB about using heat to curve some stuff. @Muchmirth I think so out with the lighter and a tent peg. I think the ruffles and dents look really good using this method.


I even had a go at a flat tyre with one of the spares. 


pretty convincing. I might use that on aeroplane builds🤔.

So any way. I went a bit mad with the lighter. The front seat divot looks good and I bent in the other bud guards and the rear panel and did more chips and dings. Then before going too far did a prime to see where we’re at.


more on this today as I’m having a little bit too much fun. 😍

Hope you like it soo far. 
Have a great Modelling Sunday.



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Great start. You've become a right little amateur arsonist!

I'm planning to use the lighter method on mine, and it's something I haven't done before.

Any tips to avoid a complete model meltdown?

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1 hour ago, Trevor L said:

Great start. You've become a right little amateur arsonist!

I'm planning to use the lighter method on mine, and it's something I haven't done before.

Any tips to avoid a complete model meltdown?

🔥🔥🔥🔥Ha! Thanks. Well I don’t use any protection at all and just waft the lighter around the part letting it heat up gently, maybes a CM away and actually on the plastic too. Only a second or two, but always moving. I’d advise doing tests on sprue and spare parts before going right in.  I have a tent peg, I guess any metal object will do to push on the hot plastic. 
Good luck. 👨‍🚒

1 hour ago, Svedberg said:

This looks really promising! 😀

Thank you. I do hope so. 🤩

1 hour ago, Muchmirth said:

Your flying along! Really like the dents and damage.


Thanks Paul. I’m really happy with the way they turned out. 😍

43 minutes ago, 81-er said:

Nice work on that, Johnny, it's already shaping up like a complete heap of :poop:(in the best possible way)



Ha! Thanks James. 🤣

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Quick update! 
After an inspiration burst on the group chat I decided to try tearing the other seat a bit. So kitchen roll and some pva.


Then teased and cut with a blade and tweezers.


I think that’ll be a winner. 🤩

Pre shade of the bits I have so I can start on the rust.


And the open Bonnet.


Noticed the hole while painting. I’ll add the swivel bracket for the gun but break it so it looks like the gun has long gone. 
This is a discarded version of my Dewey Build that I think the technique will work great here.  But I’ll go even further with rust and wildlife. 


Here’s the first coat of rusty brown.


With lighter shades added. Still wet so excuse the odd look. 


That needs to dry so I figured I’d have a go at the base before breakfast.

I cut away the foam where the water will be.


Then built up top side. 


I’ll cover that with tissue and pva. I’d really like to have a nice clear view of the front of the jeep underwater. Let’s pray to the modelling gods. 🤩


More later on.

All comments welcomed.



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This is a fun build, and I love that blue with the chipping. 

Instead of a lighter flame, have you tried heating with a soldering iron ? Not touching the plastic, of course, but you can localize the heat better. 

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7 hours ago, Trevor L said:

Looking good. I do like a rusty chassis!

Thanks Trevor. 😀

6 hours ago, Longbow said:

This is a fun build, and I love that blue with the chipping. 

Instead of a lighter flame, have you tried heating with a soldering iron ? Not touching the plastic, of course, but you can localize the heat better. 

Thanks. Hmmm soldering iron. I’ll have to give that a go. Thanks for the tip. 🙌

5 hours ago, giemme said:

One can definitely tell! :D :clap:



I know. I’m really glad I took the plunge with this one. 

4 hours ago, marvinneko said:

So many great techniques here. Lighter dents, kitchen roll seat material, flat tires. Really grabs me.

Thanks. Hopefully more to come. 😇

3 hours ago, Muchmirth said:

Really really like that seat and the rust tones on the chassis.


Thanks. Yes I’m glad I saw that video about using tissue for torn seats. 🤩

2 hours ago, AdrianMF said:



Is this a blitzbuild? Nine hours in - wow!




Ha! I see what you mean. I have only just finished, I was getting tired 😴. Didn’t realise how late it was.  Must be having fun. ❤️

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Last bit for today. I have decorating duties tomorrow so not so much time at the bench so I got as much in today as I could.

I masked the chassis so I could use chipping fluid and paint the bumpers white.


Here we are sprayed over the AK heavy chipping fluid.


Then chipped. I’ve decided to take pics on a blank background to make the Entropy really POP!


Here we are still glossy and without filters. 


I have ordered some AK Crusty Rust washes that will turn up tomorrow so I’ll have another go at it and get it matted up. But overall I’m happy with the way it’s going.

Next up I pre shaded the main body.


I had some white in the airbrush so I popped out the light bits just for fun.


During the afternoon dog walk I couldn’t stop thinking about this build and took some pics.

I’m deffo going to add some moss or such like.


Then I saw this. And basically it’s what I want my keep body to look like.


So on getting back to the ranch I went at the main body with a lighter tone of rust.

I’m really happy with this.


And tother side.


That’s just a dry fit at the moment as I need to add chipping fluid and the main paint. But not tonight Josephine. 
I have done some work on the base but didn’t take any pics. Doh! Next time.

I did cut out and glue some bits. I need to do a bit more tidying but I think this is all the bits of the kit I’ll use.


I’ll probably scatter some of the cans on the landscape and some under the water? Who knows but it’s going to be fun finding out.

Thanks for showing an interest.

Hope you all have had a great weekend and hopefully got some quality modelling time in yourselves.


More soon.


Johnny rust buckets.

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51 minutes ago, Trevor L said:

More good work.

I'm glad I'm not the only one that stops to take a closer look at rusty stuff when out and about.

Thanks. Yes Thinking about it I must have looked a little odd taking a snap of a lamp  post. 🤪

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