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Tamiya Fiat Abarth 695 1/24 ++Finished++


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I'd originally planned to build the Airfix Maserati Indy, but it's an RHD with GB plates, so doesn't qualify

It's time to bring on the substitute....


Ladeeeez aaaand Gentlemennnnnnnnnnnnnnn

I give you the Tamiya Fiat Abarth




Sprue shots (still sealed)

Body, tyres, glazing


Chrome bits, interior and engine parts, at a strange angle


And the rest



Decals (don't worry, I will stick 'em on the right way round)



And there are metal stickers too



I've a number of other builds in progress but I will get to this one soon(ish)


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I've a fondness for the Abarth versions of the original 500, particularly coveting the Tamiya 1/10 RC version of the racing model with the engine lid propped open as a kid (though never managed to get one). I’ll be interested to see how this one goes together



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A car at last!  Thank you and welcome to the GB!  Will it have an Italian number plate?


I'm sure I remember seeing one of these at the château at Sauvigny-lès-Beaune, there was a large collection of Abarth cars actually raced by the château owner as well as a large collection of model aircraft, vintage motorcycles, vintage fire engines, vintage agricultural machinery including a raspberry picking tractor, 70 cold war jets and of course, vineyards - it's what you do when you own a château in Burgundy apparently.


Good luck with it.



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2 minutes ago, Wez said:

Will it have an Italian number plate

There are 2 plates in the decals that are Japanese and fortunately there's also something that looks Italian; not sure it's a number plate but It'll do

It's also an LHD so I think I'm safe with this one. :winkgrin:



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3 hours ago, CliffB said:

I watched the latest Mission Impossible film yesterday and remembered this build :winkgrin:.

(definitely worth seeing BTW).

I'd second that, a really entertaining film



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Thanks everyone

On 7/28/2023 at 8:23 PM, John Masters said:

I think your pictures are upside down?

The pics of the decals are. Don't know why they came out like that :confused:


construction has started

This week's progress


The engine parts were stuck together




Then more bits attded



Dashboard and centre console. The steering wheel eill be left until painting is finished



wheel arches added



And primer applies


All the black bits with Mr Surfacer Black



And the grey bits with Mr Surfacer grey



Now I need to start detail painting on the engine and mix up the grey colour for the body


More soon(ish)



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Now that the DH Dragon is finished and Blitzbuid part 2 is gone, I've gotten back to this. Only a month left to get it finished :worry:


The engine's had a lick of paint




Then I moved on to mixing the body colour



Once that was ready, all the appropriate bits were sprayed



The chrome parts had had a Mr Muscle bath a couple of weeks back, so they were sprayed with GSW chrome



As were the wheels



Then I started assembly. Engine attached



I stuck the metallic decal on the sump (I think it's upside-down, ah well...)



Then did the rear suspension and wheels



Followed swiftly by the front 



I stuck some of the interior in place


Then swiftly removed most of it again. :doh:

I need to put the dashboard in first


More soon(ish)


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Thanks everyone


Pottering away over the last week, here's what happened


Dashboard and steering wheel were painted and decalled




Then attached, along with the rest of the insides



Painted the door cards, window surrounds and lights



And started applying the decals to the body



Interior complete



And nearly ready for a final clearcoat and assembly



Clearcoat applied

(wonder what happened to that corner of decal??)



Body attached to chassis



And finished :happy:



Thanks to @Wez @RidgeRunner and @Corsairfoxfouruncle for running the GB

His munificence @Enzo the Magnificent for maintaining order amongst the chaos

and everone else for comments, likes or just for looking 

I'll post some pics in the gallery soon(ish)



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  • psdavidson changed the title to Tamiya Fiat Abarth 695 1/24 ++Finished++
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