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Ford 6, in the weeds, maybe some chickens too...

John Masters

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Here is mine.  




Not sure where it will end up, but certainly in the weeds.  I imagine some chickens, maybe a goat eating what's left of the upholstery.  Rust, decay, up on blocks, stripped of parts and left to rot.


I began last night.  Building this is different as much of the construction is actually deconstruction.


The section A1 has to be cut out so there is a gaping maw where the engine once was.  The hood assembly actually doesn't fit very well anyway so it is a no-brainer to prop it open.  




The chassis will be built up as per the instructions but without the wheels at this point.  I have removed the 'engine block' from the front of the frame.  I will also not be attaching the exhaust pipe.  This will be laying in the weeds somewhere.  Yes, there will be a small diorama for this one.




My first bit of surgery was to remove one of the doors from the cab.  Slow surgery for sure.






I will add a piece of strip on the bottom where the door sill was removed during the operation.


The underside of the engine block has also been removed from the frame.  I will build this up on top to make a whole block. No need for wires or anything as they would have been stripped for parts long ago.




So this is what I have so far...a frame with leaf springs, axle and trans-axle; a cab without a door; a motor that  needs completion; a fuel tank--not attached.  I'll start in on the wheels sometime in the next couple of days.




This will be a military surplus vehicle that saw its last days in civilian service.  I'm thinking of painting it light blue (very faded and worn of course), as that will show off the rust and moss to better effect.  










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22 hours ago, Muchmirth said:

Nice start!

Thank you Paul.


15 hours ago, Trevor L said:

Nice start on the door, and the chickens will be a nice addition!

Thank you.  I think so.  It's common around here to see old cars and vans being used as goat houses too.


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The interesting thing about this GB is figuring out what not to build...if you know what I mean.


Yesterday I began the construction of the rest of the Ford Straight-6 engine block.  I don't have to do much, since most of the wires, leads, etc...will have been stripped already.  I will carve/sand it down a bit after the Milliput sets up and then use some plastic card or scrap to make the cylinder heads.  The remaining Milliput will be put to good use.  Maybe breeze-blocks or something.  




This what I have so far.  At this point I could prime it and begin painting. The wheel hubs need that to happen before I decide what colour to paint them and whether or not to use the tires, or how many of them.  Decisions, decisions...









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Thinking about what colour this civilian Ford might have been painted, I chose a blue.  For some good reasons...the rust and whatnot will show up nicely against the blue as will the scrapes and stuff that reveal the primer beneath.







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On 7/26/2023 at 10:26 AM, Geo1966 said:

Coincidently my Tractor is going to be blue, but just because i like the colour 😂

Same here...

On 7/26/2023 at 9:40 PM, JeroenS said:

Nice little truck. The blue is a good choice. 

Thank you!


I added the hubs and some rubber last night.  I also gave the chassis some leftover blackish-dark grey from another build.  Just a base, really.  As I said before, what not to build seems to be more important than what not to build.  





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For my little scene I will need some oil drums.  I raided the Academy triple kit and took some...2 will suffice.




And I began the rust process.  I'm using the Vallejo Rust wash set (Light, Dark and Texture).  It can easily become too heavy so I wiped some off.  I also removed some of the blue paint from certain areas of the body.  This is kind of new for me and I think it might be easier to do at a larger scale, but here is it is so far...


This looked a bit much...




So I wiped some of it off with an ear bud...




I think it looks better.  That was last night and things were still a bit damp.  I'm thinking I should add a tiny bit of dust here and there eventually.


This is this morning...




I think I will start working on the base today.  









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8 hours ago, reini said:

Oh yes, that is looking nice & rotten! :thumbsup:

Thank you.  Although I have a really good book on weathering to the extreme, I am doing this by feel mostly.


6 hours ago, Trevor L said:

Yep, that's looking pretty darn good. 

Thank you Trevor.


I painted the metal drums.  The paint is still wet, hence the shine.  I will weather and suitably age them as well.  




And I have begun the base for the diorama.  Once it is dry I will begin filling it up with stuff.







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I have an assortment of ground cover and weeds to use. I hope these supplies last a while.  The 4 packets of leaves are too large but I might chop some of them them up in the coffee grinder a bit to reduce their scale.







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Just playing around with positioning of stuff...The figure is from a Luftwaffe ground crew set.  He's just a mechanic in a jumpsuit really.  He could be anybody, anywhere...








I'll start adding some ground cover today and a couple of puddles.







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